The CampusCam is mesmerizing ... just try to stop watching!

What you're looking at is the Olin Quad on south campus. The quad consists of four buildings. The building on the left foreground is Olin Engineering which houses classrooms and testing labs. The one on the right is Olin LIfe Sciences where you'll find biology labs and classrooms. In the back of the quad is the Harris Center for Science and Engineering which houses the Harris Institute for Assured Information and aquaculture and marine biology labs. The Olin Physical Sciences building is on the left, behind the engineering building. Although you can't see the buidling itself, you can see the dome that houses the Ortega Telescope, one of the largest telescopes in the southeastern U.S.

Throughout the day you'll see students on their skateboards, riding bicycles and walking from one class to another. You can also watch the fabulous Florida weather which can be sunny one moment, rain for five minutes and then be back to sunny skies. If you live in a cold climate, during the winter months you can watch the webcam and wish you were going to Florida Tech.

Note: To protect the privacy of our students, faculty and staff, the view from the webcam is intentionally distant so that no one is recognizable.