The Academic Information Technology Committee (ACITC) serves as an advisory committee to the Information Technology Executive Committee (ITEC). The committee consists of representatives (faculty and staff) from across the University community including all colleges, the library, information technology, online learning and web services.


The ACITC prepares recommendations on computing and networking technologies for instructional and research computing and promotes faculty use of new information technologies.


On behalf of the Academic Information Technology Committee (ACITC), we would like to inform you of the outcome of this year's ACITC mini-grant competition. The committee received (28) proposal submissions this year. We are pleased to announce that the mini-grant subcommittee was able to select 11 projects for funding. This year's winners are:


Travel grants:

  • Natalie Dorfeld (English) Otronicon: Bringing Research to Life
  • Heather Crawford (Comp.Sci.) Student Travel to the Symposium on Usable Privacy and Security

Educational grants:

  • Christian Sonnenberg (Bus.) Technology Integration and Decision Analysis for Management Information Systems
  • Ismael Cremer (Aero) GoPro for Flight Instruction reviews
  • Robert Weaver (Oce.Eng.) Live Streaming of Field Deployments for Surf Engineering Analysis
  • Hamid Hefazi (MAE) Astonautics and Space , An on-line General Education (GE) Global, Interdisciplinary course
  • Kevin Burke (Music) Digital Audio Workstations for Music and Communication Programs
  • Nancy Pham (Bio.) Vero Beach Marine Laboratory Off-site Education Outreach Program

Research grants:

  • Philip Chan (Comp.Sci.) Understanding Student Learning in Online Courses with Data Mining
  • Julie Catherine Moore (Aero) Transfer of Training Considerations for Operating Unmanned Aerial Systems (UASs)
  • Pallav Kumar Ray (Met.) Towards A Coupled Land-Atmosphere-Ocean Model For Understanding and Predicting Tropical Weather and Climate

Congratulations to all winners!

Reports on the results of these projects will be made available on the ACITC web pages in Spring 2016.

We thank the IT department and the University for the funding support for this program. We are also grateful to 2014 winners and the other faculty who served on the 2015 mini-grant review committee.

We wish all winners much success with their projects!