ACITC Charter



The Academic Information Technology Committee (ACITC) serves as an advisory committee to the Information Technology Executive Committee (ITEC). The ACITC prepares recommendations on computing and networking technologies for instructional and research computing; and promotes faculty use of new information technologies. Specifically, ACITC:

  • Provides a forum for communication to and from faculty and students on topics related to information technology support for instruction and research .
  • Advises ITEC and Information Technology with regard to the academic and research information technology needs and priorities of faculty and students and the support needs of these users. 
  • Provides input to and feedback on the University's Information Technology Plan and Budget. Reviews and makes recommendations concerning administration proposals for important changes to the University's information technology services. Reviews faculty requests for significant acquisitions of information technology resources.
  • Provides information to faculty and students on future directions in academic and instructional technology.
  • Provides leadership for cooperative efforts on shared opportunities and problems.
  • Contributes to long-term conceptual planning, goal-setting and vision for the development of information technology at the University.
  • Meets monthly or as needed, and makes its minutes and recommendations available to the university community.
  • Administers the Faculty Development Grant program.

The ACITC Chair is chosen by the committee and endorsed by the Assistant Vice President for Information Technology. The voting members of the committee include:

1 College of Aeronautics - 1 College of Business - 1 College of Psychology and Liberal Arts - 2 College of Engineering - 2 College of Science - 2 University College - 1  Library - 1  Student Representative (appointed by the Student Government Association)  

Non-voting members include:

Companion information technology committees (ADITC, Web) - 1 each University Webmaster Assistant Vice President for Information Technology Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence - 1 Associate Provost for Online Learning  


The ACITC will include the following standing subcommittees:

Faculty Development Grant - A subcommittee composed of the Chair-elect of the ACITC and two ACITC members, charged with developing policies and procedures for the Faculty Development Grant program and implementing the selection process.

Resources - A subcommittee focused on IT resource acquisition and review, including but not limited to: reviewing the annual IT budget; surveying available resources and academic and research needs; advocating for academic and research IT resources.

Teaching - A subcommittee charged with assessing and advocating for instructional IT needs, including but not limited to: instructional hardware, software and systems; training and support; development of forward-looking plans and vision; keeping abreast of national trends; liaison with IT-oriented faculty enhancement programs such as CTLE and the Faculty Summer Institute.  

Last revised: April 2007