What is Biomedical Professional?
Biomedical Professional is a short-course certificate based continuing education program. These courses are tailored to working professionals in the engineering and healthcare fields who have an interest in:
  • New technologies for repair and regeneration of the human body
  • Bioactive materials for medical use (i.e. bioceramics, Bioglass®, etc.)
  • Toxicology, biocompatibility, and methods of characterization
Who developed the courses?
The late Larry L. Hench, Ph.D., former professor of engineering/biomedical, engineering program, Florida Institute of Technology.

Overseeing development of the program was world-renowned scientist Dr. Larry Hench, whose illustrious academic career included the development of Bioglass®—the world’s first synthetic material capable of long-term bonding with living tissue—which has become an essential component of countless orthopedic devices and medical procedures, including bone grafting and regeneration procedures, medical implants, dental repair and other orthopedic applications.

Hench received numerous international awards from prestigious scientific organizations, published over 800 research papers and 30 books, and he helds 32 U.S. patents. Additionally, Hench was a member of many esteemed academic groups and professional societies, including the National Academy of Engineering, the World Academy of Ceramics, The American Ceramic Society, the Society of Glass Technology, and the Institute of Materials.