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BEHP5011 Course Now in Chinese

在1998年行为分析师认证委员会(BACB)成立之当年,弗罗里达理工学院就开始在自己校区提供BCaBA 和 BCBA 考证所要求的各门课程。在当时的世界范围内,我们是第一批13所提供BACB 批准(目前称为确认)的课程系列的大学之一。我们以后又在卓越声誉的基础上开始通过ABA网络项目提供这些课程,以便使世界任何地方的人只要懂英语就可以上我们的课程。至今为止,我们已经有数千学生成功地通过了证书考试(BCaBA/BCBA)。我们热烈欢迎进入我们首届中文授课班的学生,这也是我们第一次用非英文语种提供的课程。我们将采取一如既往的做法,寻求来自我们学生的持续的反馈和宝贵的建议,以保确我们的项目不断完善,并有效地满足学生们在专业和学习方面的需求。



Florida Tech began to offer courses meeting BCaBA and BCBA certification requirement at its main campus in 1998, the same year the BACB was founded. We were one of the first 13 universities in the world offering a BACB-approved (now, verified) course sequence. Due to our excellent reputation, we began to offer these courses through ABA Online, so that persons anywhere in the world, who knew English, could take our courses. Several thousand of our students have been successful at passing the certification exams (BABC/BCaBA). We warmly welcome students who enter this first offering of our coursework in Chinese, our first non-English offering. As we have done from the start, we will be seeking ongoing feedback and valuable suggestions from our students, insuring that our program continually improves in effectively addressing the academic and instructional needs of our students.

A friendly reminder: The BACB requires that individuals must have a bachelor’s degree in order to participate in the BCaBA exam.



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How to register for BEHP5011.

1. 由此下载并完成报名表格:

Complete the registration form located at



And email to: abareg@fit.edu



2. 用电子付款方法付895美元。并将收据寄至:abareg@fit.edu

Send payment of $895.00 by wire transfer. Send receipt to abareg@fit.edu


如有任何问题,请用电子邮件寄到 abareg@fit.edu

Any questions please email abareg@fit.edu