Hurricane Irma Information for ABA Online Students

Due to potential effects of hurricane Irma, and precautions being taken by Florida Tech, we anticipate at least some disruption in online meetings held Sunday of this week (9/10/17) through, at a minimum, Monday (9/11/17). Therefore, this meeting week (now through 9/11/17) and next meeting week (9/12/17 to 9/18/17) will be treated as “holiday” weeks. During this timeframe, students should make every attempt to attend their own online meeting. However, if your online meeting is cancelled (in advance or without notice) or you otherwise cannot attend your online meeting, you may attend any other online meeting.

Because of the uncertainty in the path of hurricane Irma, we are not able to predict which online meeting may be affected. Co-instructors will let students know of cancelations if they are able to in advance, but this may not be possible. If you attempt to attend your regularly scheduled meeting and find that it is canceled, please bear with us. You will still receive attendance points and may attend any remaining meeting during that same meeting week without penalty. We apologize if last minute cancelations prevent you from attending an online meeting.

For students whose meetings are canceled, you will receive attendance points and can attend a meeting during any other day of the online meeting week without penalty.

For students whose meetings are not canceled, but must attend a make-up meeting for other reasons, you may attend any other meeting during the online meeting week as a make-up.

In addition to possible disruption of online meetings, there is a potential for canvas disruptions if the University loses power. Support staff will also not be available from midafternoon 9/7/17 through at least 9/11/17 as many of our Florida based staff are preparing to evacuate our coastal town.

Thank you for your patience during this stressful time, and for our Florida based students and staff: stay safe.