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Fall 2017 Student Outreach Events Flier

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AUG. 31, 2017

Evans Hall,    Room 202


Gabriela González, M.S. & Lisa Stewart, M.S.

Adapting to college life can be challenging for students, whether you are transitioning from high school or coming back to college as an upper-classmen. Join your fellow Florida Tech Panthers to discuss the various changes you can expect in college and how to navigate this new and exciting culture.


SEPT. 14, 2017

Evans Hall, Room 202


Damla Til Ogut, M.S. & Caroline Witek, M.S.

Did you know that the majority of sexual assaults occur within the first six weeks of the school year? Calling all Florida Tech Panthers to come together to identify risk factors and discuss ways to keep yourself and others safe during the “red zone!” Together we have the power to influence values on campus to help wipe out sexual assault at Florida Tech!


SEPT. 28, 2017

Evans Hall, Room 202


Mary Caitlin Fertitta, M.S. & Caroline Witek, M.S.

Statistics show that 1 in 4 young adults have a diagnosable mental health condition. In fact, depression and anxiety are among the leading barriers of collegiate academic performance. Join us  in this important conversation to learn how to identify and support others who may be struggling with such difficulties.


OCT. 12, 2017

Evans Hall, Room 202


Tracy Masi, M.A., M.S. & Lisa Stewart, M.S.

October 11 is National Coming Out Day! Join your fellow Florida Tech Panthers as we celebrate and raise awareness for our LGBTQ+ community! We will discuss sexuality, gender identity and coming out, as well as debunking myths. All for love and love for all!


OCT. 26, 2017

Evans Hall, Room 202


Lauren Goworowski, M.S. & Damla Til Ogut, M.S.

Calling all social media users! Join us in taking a stand against cyberbullying! From subtweets to catfishing, we will address different forms of cyberbullying and discuss solutions. Let’s join forces as Florida Tech Panthers to tackle and prevent this type of bullying.


NOV. 16, 2017

Evans Hall, Room 202


Tracy Masi, M.A., M.S. & Damla Til Ogut, M.S.

Florida Tech Panthers come in all shapes, sizes and colors … from many backgrounds … and with a wide range of experiences! Come connect with each other as we seek to embrace our differences and identify the common thread that unites us all.


THURSDAY,   NOV. 30, 2017         






Evans Hall,

Room 202               






Mary Caitlin Fertitta, M.S. & Lauren Goworowski, M.S.

Breathe in slowly through your nose ...1... 2 ... 3... and exhale slowly through your mouth ...1... 2 ... 3 ... Continue to take slow, smooth breaths. Join us for a relaxing and stress-free evening as we review various self-soothing techniques and stress management strategies to help you stay calm, cool and collected during exams week.