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Career Management Services provides career and job search services to Florida Institute of Technology students and alumni. Our mission is to help students in the development of career plans and job search skills. Career Management Services acts as a liaison among Florida Tech students, alumni, faculty, staff and employers.  

Career Management Services is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday (except holidays) and is located in Room 307 of the Florida Tech Commons Building.


Our office provides a variety of services to our students. On our main campus we provide:

  • Resume Reviews
  • Job Search Assistance
  • Interview Skills
  • Career Fairs
  • Special Career Events & Workshops

For online students we provide:

  • Email based resume reviews
  • Job Search Resources
  • Online Networking

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Student Profiles

Manuela Cortes

Manuela Cortes

Co-Op: American Airlines

Major: Aviation Management with Flight

FastTrack Master's in Aviation Human Factors

Co-Op: American Airlines

Honors & Awards:

Delta Mu Delta Business Honor Society

F.I.T. College of Aeronautics Outstanding Junior Award

F.I.T. Distinguished Student Scholar -2015, 2016

Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society

"Fresh out of high school I arrived to Florida Tech in fall 2013. I decided to pursue an Aviation Management with Flight degree, marking the start of my journey to becoming an airline pilot. Like many other freshman students, I came in blindly without knowing what to expect for the next four years of my college career. However, with the opportunity to work my first semester at the Career Management Services office as a work study student, my eyes opened to the endless possibilities I could have in the near future. Working along with the Pro-Track coordinator at the time, really helped me grasp a clear understanding of what I needed to accomplish the next two years if I wanted to have a chance at getting a co-op (pretty much an extended internship opportunity during fall/spring semester). Although I was unable to join the Pro-Track program, since I was a flight student and its curriculum was designed primarily for engineering students, I still decided to take the Pro-Track Co-op EPE 1000 course my sophomore year. This course really helped me in establishing the fundamentals for my career as a professional. It taught me the key components needed in a resume, important pre-interview preparation, the most common types of questions to expect during an interview, and the importance of post interview follow ups. In addition to this, I was able to get out of my comfort zone and do my first ever mock interview! Also, throughout my sophomore year, fall semester of my junior year, and two summer terms, I decided to take on the challenge and I took the maximum number of courses I was allowed to take. I must admit it was not easy but with determination anything is possible!

As the summer leading up to my junior year came closer, I knew that I wanted to get an internship for the spring of my junior year. I fully prepared to tackle down our Fall CareerExpo. I prepared ahead of time by taking my resume to be perfected at the Career Management Services office, creating business cards, studying a little bit about each aviation related company I was interested in speaking to, and just honestly going for it. Although I didn’t see as many aviation companies as I had hoped for at the Florida Tech Fall CareerExpo, I was encouraged by the Career Management Services personnel to attend Embry Riddle’s Career Fair which was being held later that week. So yet again, I decided to get out of my comfort zone and make the early morning drive to Daytona Beach. There is where I was found what I was looking for. American, Delta, Southwest, Virgin Atlantic, United, and all of the largest aviation companies dominating the aviation industry were there. That day I handed out at least 30 resumes and spoke to a wide variety of recruiters about my interest in becoming a part of their team. Although all the internship positions weren’t ideally what I wanted, I decided to go for it regardless. I had nothing to lose so why not. Following that day, I received over 8 interviews with some of the best companies I had only dreamed of ever getting an interview with. The interview process varied from company to company, some consisted of phone calls, Skype video calls, face to face interviews at Embry Riddle, and I was even flown out of the state for an interview. By the end of it all, I had 5 great internship offers from some of the best companies I never thought I would have the opportunity of working for.

Fast forward three months and here I am interning at American Airlines headquarters in Dallas. I have had the opportunity to work under the Maintenance and Engineering Department within the Quality Assurance team. This internship has not only given me experience in working within an airline, but it has also opened endless network opportunities and new doors as to where I might want to take my career in the near future. Just as my freshman year where I had no idea what to expect, that’s how I came into this internship, with an open mind and drive to learn. I know this internship was one of the best decisions I ever made, not only has it been an opportunity for me to grow professionally but also for me to grow overall as an individual. There is also never a dull moment, especially with the opportunity to use my travel benefits to travel the world every weekend! My plan is to continue my Co-Op until August and then return back to campus to start my senior year. As of now the future remains unclear, but I know that with determination and hard work anything is possible. As cheesy as it sounds, from my experiences I would like to encourage every student to take a leap of faith and go out of their way to seek opportunities because in the end they may miss out on a lifetime opportunity if they don’t."

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