Resume Design Resources

What is the purpose of a Résumé?

A résumé is a self-marketing tool designed to get a job interview. Like any marketing tool, it should target the needs of the market or employer and highlight how you can meet those needs.

 The Purpose of a résumé is:

  • Application Tool— For jobs, research projects, and graduate school
  • Marketing Tool— To demonstrate experience and skills to clients or colleagues 
  • Work in Progress— Continually evolving and updatable 

In order to target the résumé effectively to employers, you need to spend time researching them to determine their needs. It must speak to the employer’s needs– not your needs.

How Our Office Can Help

Our office can assist students in a variety of ways. We provide workshops periodically throughout the year on the subject of résumés that students can attend. In addition, we offer résumé critiques by appointment. To make an appointment, email and attach a copy of your résumé.