25 WEEK CLUB - Continue the Sucess of Catholic Campus Ministry at FIT  

Over 45 years and going strong with your help.  Your membership in the 25 week club helps to support spaghetti dinners and all the activities of Catholic Campus Ministry 

Dear Students, Alumni, Parents and Friends,

Thanks to the endowment and Sunday collections we are able to meet our expenses. However this leaves no money for programs, project, retreats, socials and other activities for our community. So, therefore we need fundraisers. Actually, we have found the need for a "one time," once a year fundraiser rather than calling on the people several times during the year. We are looking to spending time on student project as opposed to funding projects. This is about the 13th year with our most successful once a year fundraiser. It is what might be referred to as our version of "Bingo" or "Lotto." Here's some information about how our game works.

A donation of $25 per entry is requested and you can have as many entries as you want. With each entry, you are eligible to participate in each of 25 weekly drawings for cash prizes. 

The names from each drawing will be posted on the bulletin board and in a mailing at the end of the year to everyone. Please note that you can win more than one time as the list of winners will attest, as this is a $1 a week donation.

The more people joining us in this endeavor the more money we have to work with. So, please sell some tickets to your friends, neighbors, enemies, politicians and committee members .. etc. If you fun our of cards just mail in the checks and we will fill our the cards in house for you. We are most grateful for your generous support.

You may send your payment through Parish Pay by following this link  ParishPay and fill out the $25 Week Club donation with a multiple of $25 depending on how many chances you wish to have. You may also view the mailing here.


25 Week Club 2016