Aerial Assault Obstacle Course

The aerial assault course is comprised of 9 individual elements that participants navigate through from start to finish in a prescribed order. It is a timed event where participants receive higher scores for shorter overall times. Participants navigate the course individually but with the assistance of group members.

The purpose of this course is to develop individual/group confidence and communication through physical and mental challenges. 3 of the 9 elements are considered "high elements" (in excess of 8' above ground). The high elements employ safety measures such as pads, safety nets and the use of spotters where appropriate.

The elements of the course are as follows

  1. The Tough One
  2. Confidence Climb
  3. Low Belly Over
  4. Belly Crawl
  5. Incline Wall
  6. Swing, Stop, Jump
  7. Six Vault
  8. The Weaver
  9. High Step Over