Waivers & Policies

Challenge Course Policies  

  1. All participants must complete a Participant Acknowledgement of Risk, Release and Agreement form prior to participating in any challenge course events.
  2. Challenge Course Operations must be notified of participants with medical limitations at least two weeks (14 days) prior to the challenge course event. Pregnant women are expressly prohibited from participating on any F.I.T. Challenge Course event.
  3. With the sole exception of personal climbing shoes, participants may NOT use personal climbing equipment under any circumstances. Equipment provided by the F.I.T. Challenge Course must be used.
  4. Participants must wear appropriate clothing and closed-toe shoes. Athletic shoes and comfortable, loose fitting clothing appropriate for general outdoor use are recommended. Participants who arrive with inappropriate clothing or footwear will not be allowed to participate.
  5. Hazardous jewelry, watches, objects in pockets and loose clothing items must be removed. It is recommended that valuables be left in a secure place, such as at your home or in your car.
  6. Food and drinks must be kept away from the challenge course elements.
  7. Participants must remove objects from their mouths (gum, candy, etc.) when participating in any challenge course event.
  8. Use of challenge course equipment is permitted only with direction and supervision from the supervising staff.
  9. Horseplay is not allowed. Participants should not step on the climbing ropes, hang on guy wires, swing on ropes, or perform any other activities that are not supervised by staff. Responsible behavior is expected at all times.
  10. Any safety hazards witnessed by participants should be reported immediately to challenge course staff.
  11. Participants are encouraged to drink water or other hydrating fluids before, during and after the challenge course events.
  12. Participants must abide by Fellsmere Park usage policies.
  13. Participants are expected to exhibit
  14. One warning will be issued per participant for rules infraction; second infraction will result in loss of privileges.
  15. There is a participant weight limit of 300 lbs. The minimum age requirement is 10.

Weather Policy

  1. The Challenge Course will be closed during periods of inclement weather.
  2. Challenge course staff will determine when conditions are unsafe and may suspend or cancel events at their sole discretion.
  3. In the event of inclement weather, challenge course staff will provide instructions and guidance for safe evacuation.

Reservation and Cancelation Policy

  1. The F.I.T. Challenge Course is open year round with the following exceptions:
    • the challenge course will be closed during all major holidays.
    • during the months of January, April, August and November, course availability will be limited. Interested parties are encouraged to make inquiries and reservations well in advance during these months.
  2. Reservations may be made by phone at 321-674-8382 opt 2, our 800 number 800-676-9245, or via online reservation at http://www.fit.edu/challenge-course/reservation-form.php .
  3. Reservations must be made at least 2 weeks in advance. Reservations made with less notice may be supported but there is no guarantee.
  4. A minimum group size of 10 persons is required for all events. Groups of less than 10 are supported with the understanding that usage fees will be charged at the group minimum rate of 10 paying participants.  
  5. A deposit equal to the amount due for 10 paying participants is required at the time of reservation. Final headcount and payment is due 2 weeks prior to the scheduled event.    

Refund Policy

Group Events

Any group that has paid for an event and withdraws 14 days prior to the start date will receive a refund of any fees paid, minus a 15.00 cancellation fee per participant. No refunds are issued after this date.

Any individual canceling from a scheduled group event, contingent on the group meeting the minimum required attendance to hold the event, will receive a refund minus a $15.00 cancellation fee per participant. No refunds are issued after this date.

Individual Registrants

Any registrant that is not a part of a group, who has paid for an event and withdraws 14 days prior to the start date will receive a refund of any fees paid, minus a 15.00 cancellation fee. No refunds are issued after this date.

Inclement Weather

Cancelations due to inclement weather that occur prior to the start of the challenge course event are fully refundable. Cancelations due to inclement weather that occur during the course of the event are non-refundable. Challenge course personnel have ultimate authority to suspend events due to inclement weather.


No refunds are issued if the event is not cancelled within two weeks in advance.