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JA/WBC Youth Entrepreneurial Summer Camp – WBC1950

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Program Overview

WBC/JA YOUTH ENTRENEURIAL SUMMER CAMP. The Women's Business Center (WBC) and Junior Achievement of the Space Coast host a week-long camp for middle and high school students wanting to learn more about entrepreneurship. The students learn to recognize characteristics and practices of successful entrepreneurs, evaluate an entrepreneurial idea based on a product or service, interact and network with successful, young entrepreneurs and enjoy themselves while developing skill sets that will help them throughout their future business careers.Together, with other team members, you will become more business savvy using various computer simulation programs. You will discover what it means to be an entrepreneur, enjoy interactive presentations and guest lectures from local business professionals, learn how to develop a business plan-from idea creation to advertising and marketing, and explore topics like budgeting and maximizing limited resources. If you are a student, between the ages of 9 to 18, join us for a week of exploration of what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.


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