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Step 2:

What We Need From You

If you are submitting your project electronically:

  1. Complete the Service Request Form.
    Go to Service Request Form at http://www.fit.edu/marketingcomm/requests/

    New Feature: You can upload your text, graphics and photos from within the online form. Just be prepared to know the location of the files you will be submitting.
    After we receive your form, we will contact you to discuss the project, if necessary.
  2. If you are unable to upload the files when you fill out your service request form, you may also e-mail the text and photos for the job to us.Send to kkwong@fit.edu and reference the name of your project, as entered in the form.

    If you have materials for your project that can't be emailed, please bring them our office in the Keuper Building.

  3. Please note: You do not need to format the text in the MS Word files. We don't accept handwritten text (unless there are minor revisions to an existing printed piece). We also do not accept files for printed pieces submitted in PowerPoint or Publisher files.
  4. Do you need photos or artwork for your project? We have photos for many areas of campus in our archives. We also have extensive digital clip art libraries available.
  5. Image Resolution: Send the highest resolution photos you have: 300 dpi is preferred. All images are subject to copyright protection rules. We cannot use photos taken off the web unless you have written permission to use the images.


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If you have any questions please contact Kristie Kwong at ext. 8963 or kkwong@fit.edu