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PlanningStep 1

Planning Your Project

Because of the large volume of work produced (over 800 projects were completed last year) you should schedule your project well in advance so there will be time to meet your deadline.

Before you meet with us to discuss your project, think about these issues:

Your budget

We need to know how much has been budgeted for production of the job so it can be designed with that cost in mind.

Your approval process

Any job should have the approval of the appropriate department/academic unit heads before it is assigned to us.

The number of copies you will need (for printed materials)

We need at least a general amount of how many you will need so we can prepare an estimate request.

The final delivery date of the printed piece

If you're mailing the piece, you may need to account for additional time for mail house work.


Step 2

If you have any questions please contact Kristie Kwong at ext. 8963 or kkwong@fit.edu