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CalendarStep 3:

Scheduling Your Job

Depending on the complexity of the job, plan on the following timeline:

  • Estimate request: Depending on the project, it could take a few days to get estimates back from vendors.
  • Production: After you provide us with your written text, we will edit the text and, if necessary, provide you with a word proof to review. On simple jobs, we will skip the word proof and go directly to the design stage and show you a proof of the art layout. Our production schedule varies depending on the volume of work in our shop, but typically a simple project (flier, postcard, form) can be designed within three to five working days. More complex projects could be in production for a few weeks. Your quick response time in reviewing your proof will ensure your deadline can be met.
  • Printing: Most vendors can complete a simple project within a few days. More complex projects may require a longer amount of time to deliver the finished product to you.

Our staff will gladly meet with you in the early stages of a project and provide you with a written production schedule to meet your deadline needs.


If you have any questions please contact us at ext. 8963 or creativeservices@fit.edu