Please check this page regularly as forms are frequently updated to comply with changes in regulations and incorporate user feedback. 

New Protocols

Laboratory Research (for captive raised OR wild caught animals to be housed in animal facilities)

Field Research (for wild animals not housed in animal facilities)

Animal Tissue

Animal Exhibit/Display

Supplemental form for EH&S approval (If requested, for use of biological and chemical materials, pharmaceuticals, controlled substances, radioactive materials)

Changes to Approved Protocols

Protocol Amendment

Personnel Change


Protocol Maintenance & Reporting

Annual Renewal Report (due before 1st and 2nd anniversaries) ** A New Protocol is required on the 3rd anniversary **

Adverse Event Report


Animal Contact Program/Occupational Health Monitoring

Initial Health Risk Assessment

Renewal Health Risk Assessment (every 3 years)

Tetanus Declination



Inter-institutional Agreement for Animal Responsibilities (for collaborations)

Animal Transfer (Internal)

Animal Adoption