Letter from Senior VP

A university has a responsibility to be relevant in the community in which it resides.

In addition to educating, training and placing the talent for the workforce, conducting research with subsequent commercialization of technologies and building of businesses, it also has a role in facilitating a quality of life that a community requires to attract a workforce that leads to a vibrant economic community.

As the university succeeds in contributing to a region's economic development, it becomes a "Relevant University" in this 21st century global knowledge economy.

If you were to think of a freshman class of 1000 new students, you could easily imagine 1000 new scientists or businesspersons, 1000 new ideas, and 1000 new businesses.  Imagine the capability and promise of one freshman class, much less the succeeding classes that matriculate, graduate and impact a community.

The communities and regions served by this relevant university will realize sustained advances in economic prosperity, quality of place and become extremely attractive to entrepreneurs and innovators, businesses, investors, and highly skilled job seekers.

For this reason, FIT created the Office of External Relations and Economic Development, of which a major component is the development of the Florida Tech Research Park community, which extends from Palm Bay, throughout the Melbourne area and the rest of the Space Coast.  Another major and growing component of the office is weVENTURE (formally known as the Women's Business Center) which has a mission to foster entrepreneurship and business building in the community.

The purpose of the Office of External Relations and Economic Development is to connect FIT talent and technology development capabilities to our communities and industry.  We do this by fostering partnerships, encouraging collaboration and developing programs throughout the public and private sectors in support of Florida Tech's core values and strategic plan.  We carry FIT leadership and dean's messaging to our external constituents, and connect community opportunities to our internal stakeholders.  We participate in all sectors of community activity, ensuring that Florida Tech's capabilities are front of mind and integrated into community and business strategic plans.  And finally, we represent the university by participating in local, state, and national associations and organizations, whether in government, quasi-government, business, or non-profit sectors. 

We welcome anyone, internal or external to the university, to contact us to further your goals with the university.

Captain Winston E. Scott
Senior Vice President for External Relations and Economic Development