Mission, Values and Integration


  • Facilitating Relationships: University, Government, Community Outreach
  • Opportunity
  • Collaboration
  • Connecting Business, Community and Florida Tech

Values and Integration

Old definition of Economic Development:

  1. Create industrial parks …
  2. … upgrade utilities and transportation infrastructure …
  3. … relocate companies using incentives supported by taxpayers and public policy

Economic Development in the 21st century Global Knowledge Economy:

  1. Expansion of Capacities …
  2. … that contribute to the advancement of society …
  3. … through the realization of individuals’, firms’, and communities’ potential.

Economic Development with a Higher Education bent to it:

  1. Proactive institutional engagement …
  2. … with partners and stakeholders …
  3. … in sustainable growth of competitive capacities, whether research or entrepreneurship …
  4. … that contribute to the advancement and quality of life of society …
  5. … through the realization of individual, firm, community, and regional economic and social potential.

Put into terms that all of us know and love:

  1. Human capital / talent development;
  2. Research and innovation (in science, technology, public policy, humanities and social realms); and
  3. Stewardship of place.

In other words:

  1. Teaching and Preparing the Workforce
  2. Research and Technology Commercialization;
  3. Service to the Community and Enhancement of Quality of Life