Brewer, Adam

Assistant Professor at Florida Institute of Technology
Behavior Analysis, School of

I am a faculty member in the Hybrid Master's Degree Program for Professional Behavior Analysis where I teach didactic, intensive practicum, and capstone project classes.

Personal Overview

Dr. Brewer came to Florida Institute of Technology from Texas Tech University where he completed a post-doctoral experience at the Burkhart Center for Autism and also served as a visiting assistant professor of special education and applied behavior analysis. During his graduate work at the University of Kansas, he conducted translational research using both animal models and humans with intellectual disabilities and autism to better understand/treat the effects of aversive transitions on maladaptive behavior such as self-injury. During his postdoc at the Burkhart Center for Autism, he pursued translational research with individuals with autism on such topics as response persistence, and “insistence on sameness,” and also collaborated on several neuroimaging studies examining the neural correlates of reinforcement processes in autism and decision-making in typically-developing individuals. During his postdoc, he also developed clinical skills in autism, where he worked in an early intensive behavioral intervention classroom and taught social skills to adolescents. His current research interests are the assessment and treatment of transition-related problem behavior and fears/phobias. He is also interested in the behavioral economics of impulsive and risky decision-making. He is currently a Board Certified Behavior Analyst at the Doctoral level. He supervises and collaborates on clinical research with his graduate students.

Some of his students have published their capstone projects with Dr. Brewer. One published her capstone on treatment of a dog phobia in children with autism. Another student published her project that examined the effects of advance notice on problem behavior occasioned by interruptions (identified via a trial-based functional analysis in a home setting).

In terms of student awards, one of his students that he co-supervised with Dr. Yanerys Leon was awarded the B. F. Skinner Research Grant for synthesizing research on basic reinforcement schedules and performance pay in organizational behavior management. Recently, a graduate student that he co-supervised wtih Dr. Corina Jimenez-Gomez (The Scott Center for Autism Treatment) won the outstanding graduate student award!

Recently, Dr. Brewer moved from his site in South Carolina to the main campus in Melbourne, Florida to develop an experimental psychopathology research laboratory. Students interested in conducting research are highly encouraged to contact him.

Educational Background

Bachelor's in Psychology from West Virginia University

Master's and Doctorate in Behavioral Psychology from the University of Kansas

Postdoc at Burkhart Center for Autism Education and Research at Texas Tech University

Recognition & Awards

*** indicates student capstone project

*** B. F. Skinner Research Award: Evaluation of stimulus delivery arrangements on staff performance in a simulated work setting (Co-PI)

*** Best Research Poster Award - South Carolina Association for Behavior Analysis

*** Best Research Poster Award - Connecticut Association for Behavior Analysis

Nominated for Faculty Excellence Award in Research

Board Certified Behavior Analyst - Doctoral

Current Courses

BEH 5022 Using Measurement, Graphs and Single-Case Design in Behavior Analysis Practice
BEH 5023 Introduction to the Experimental Analysis of Behavior
BEH 5024 Conceptual Analysis of Behavior

BEH 5025 Intensive Practicum in Professional Behavior Analysis
BEH 5027 Capstone Project in Professional Behavior Analysis

Additional Duties

President, South Carolina Association for Behavior Analysis

Board of Editors, Experimental Analysis of Human Behavior Bulletin

Guest Reviewer, Behavior Analysis in Practice

Guest Reviewer, Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis

Selected Publications

*** indicates student capstone project


Abby, L., Richman, D. M., Schaefer, A. M., Grubb, L. M., & Brewer, A. T. Telehealth and in-vivo training outcomes for novice discrete trial training therapists (Accepted pending revisions to Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis).

*** Vasquez, S., Brewer. A., Leon, Y., & Vasquez, J. (2017). The effects of advance notice on problem behavior occasioned by interruptions of an ongoing activity in a young girl with autism. Behavior Analysis in Practice.

Schlund, Treacher, Magee, Richman, Brewer, Cameron, & Dymond (2017). "Watch out!": Effects of instructed threat and avoidance on human free-operant approach-avoidance behavior. Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior

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*** Tyner, S., Brewer, A., Helman, M., Leon, Y., Pritchard, J., & Schlund, M. (2016). Nice Doggie! Contact Desensitization Plus Reinforcement Decreases Dog Phobias for Children with Autism. Behavior Analysis in Practice, 9(1), 54-57.


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