Dutta, Amitabh

Associate Professor
Business, Nathan M. Bisk College of


I have been teaching Finance in the Nathan M Bisk College of Business since Fall 2009. Also, I serve as the Director of the Center for Ethics and Leadership.

My email is adutta@fit.edu

I look forward to talking with you ~ and answering any questions that you may have about the wonderful opportunites available to you at Florida Tech.

Educational Background


The University of Tennessee at Knoxville Finance Ph.D. 1997

Wake Forest University Finance (Electives) MBA 1990

University of Bombay Statistics (Math Minor) B.Sc. 1981

Current Courses

BUS 5446

BUS 2304 

Additional Duties

Director, The Center for Ethics & Leadership                                                      2012-present

As the Director, am responsible for organizing the Ethics Breakfast Lecture series (one per academic semester) and organizing the High School Ethics Competition, an annual event that has been held the last 16 years. Currently, I am organizing efforts to have an undergraduate student team participate in Ethics competitions and create a research component to enhance the Center’s mission.

Current Research


“Persistence in Mutual Fund Returns: Evidence From China.” Co-authored with Roger Su, Ying Zhao and Ronghua Yi

“Performance in the petro-chemical industry in China.” Co-authored with Roger Su.

“The Effect of Differential Weighting on Student Efforts in the Classroom.” Co-authored with W. R. Ingram and Roger Su.


Selected Publications

Areas of Interest

Teaching: Corporate Finance, Investments, Portfolio Management, Real Estate,

                        Financial Markets & Institutions

Research: Corporate Finance, Investments, Pedagogy, Ethics




Long, R., Wilder, D., Betz, A. and Dutta, A. (forthcoming). Effects of pay for performance without base pay: An analog analysis. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis.

Su, R., Hooper, K., Dutta, A. and Yi, R. (2011). Why small business owners should not worry about “Money left on the Table” in IPOs! International Business Research, Vol. 4, 42-52.

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Dutta, A., Su, R. and Xu, M. (2010) Persistence in New Zealand growth mutual funds returns: An examination of New Zealand mutual funds from 1997 -2003. Indian Journal of Economics and Business. Vol. 9 (2), 303-314.

Theis, J., Jagurei, A., Yesilyaprak, A. and Dutta, A. (2010) Bank Holding Company Dividend Policy: Changed by Recession? The Global Journal of Finance and Economics.

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Book Chapter

Dutta, A., Bozdogan, H., Collins, M. Cary and Wansley, J.W. (2003). A New Informational Complexity Approach as a Criterion for Model Selection in Finance. Research in International Business and Finance, Volume 17, edited by Jonathan A. Batten and Thomas A. Fetherston, 457-462.