Kaner, Cem

Computer Sciences and Cybersecurity

Personal Overview

Cem Kaner has pursued a multidisciplinary career centered on the theme of the satisfaction and safety of software customers and software-related workers. With a law degree (practice focused on the law of software quality), a doctorate in Experimental Psychology, and 17 years in the Silicon Valley software industry, Dr. Kaner joined Florida Institute of Technology as Professor of Software Engineering in 2000. Dr. Kaner is senior author of three books: Testing Computer Software (with Jack Falk and Hung Quoc Nguyen), Bad Software (with David Pels), and Lessons Learned in Software Testing (with James Bach and Bret Pettichord). At Florida Tech, his research is primarily focused on the question, How can we foster the next generation of leaders in software testing? The Association for Computing Machinery recently honored Cem with its Making a Difference Award (see http://www.sigcas.org/awards-1). Kaner was also elected to the American Law Institute in 1999 for his work on software-related law. He participates in legislative drafting projects on electronic commerce, employment law, and customer satisfaction and safety.

Educational Background

B.A. Brock University  (Arts & Sciences: focus on mathematics & philosophy)
J.D. Golden Gate University (Law degree: Emphasis on laws of commerce & technology)
Ph.D. McMaster University (Human experimental psychology: psychophysics)

Recognition & Awards

  • Making A Difference Award (Association for Computing Machinery: Special Interest Group in Computers & Society), 2009
  • Elected to the American Law Institute (1999)

Current Courses

  • Software Testing 1 (Black Box Software Testing)
  • Software Testing 2 (Programmer Testing)
  • Software Testing Tools
  • Special Topics in Software Engineering: Quantitative Financial Modeling
  • Special Topics in Software Engineering: High Volume Test Automation
  • Software Metrics & Modeling

Professional Experience

Professor of Computer Sciences Florida Institute of Technology August 2000 – present

Extension Instructor, University of California Extension (Berkeley and Santa Cruz), 1994-2000

Attorney, Law Office of Cem Kaner, 1994-present [Typical clients were authors and software developers or small software consulting firms.

Proprietor, kaner.com (software consulting firm), 1993-present [My clients have included Avid Technologies, Aveo, Barra, BEA Systems, BMC, Broderbund Software, Catalysis (and through them, the California Dept of Transportation), CDI, Cognos, Compaq, Fenwick & West, Fonix, Gilbarco, Hammer Technologies, Hewlett-Packard, IDTS, Intel, Iomega, Kodak, Metamor (Vanteon, Turning Point Software), Microsoft, MyTurn.com, New Paradigms, Oracle / Network Computer (now Liberate Technologies), OrCAD, Parametric Technologies, Peoplesoft, Postalsoft, PowerQuest, Quarterdeck, Reliable Software Technologies (now Cigital), Rational Software, Safeco, ShareData (now E-Trade), Software AG, Software Quality Engineering, Software Test Labs (now Data Dimensions), Stevedoring Services of America, Symantec, Testing Testing 123, the WELL, and Wind River]

Deputy District Attorney (full-time volunteer), Santa Clara County, April 1994-July 1994.

Law Clerk, Law Office of Berne Reuben, Dec. 1993-April 1994.

Director of Documentation and Software Testing; Documentation Group Manager; Software Development Manager, Power Up Software (later Spinnaker Software), 1989-1994.

Software Test Manager, Electronic Arts, 1988

Human Factors Analyst / Software Engineer, Telenova, Inc, 1984-1988.

Selected Publications

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