Sharaf-Eldeen, Yahya

Professor of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Mechanical Aerospace Engineering





Dr. Sharaf-Eldeen received his B.Sc. (Honors) and M.Sc. degrees from Alexandria University (Egypt), PhD degree from The Ohio State University, and his second PhD degree from Oklahoma State University. He held a Lecturer position in engineering following his B.Sc. graduation, Graduate Teaching and Research Associateships in Mathematics and Engineering, and a Lecturer and Research Faculty in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the three universities, respectively. A Registered Professional Engineer (PE), he holds memberships in the professional societies of ASME, AIAA, and ASEE, and is a member of the honorary societies of Phi Kappa Phi, Golden Key, Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, Sigma Gamma Tau, and Alpha Epsilon.

At Florida Tech since the 1989-90 academic year, Professor Sharaf-Eldeen has been recognized for the quality of his teaching, receiving the Student Government’s “Students’ Choice Teacher of the Year Award,” COE’s “Outstanding Teaching Award,” and the Faculty Senate’s “Faculty Excellence Award,” and is credited for his contributions to developing and teaching the MAE Senior Design courses and supervising the “Capstone Design Projects,” including the Formula SAE car, SAE Cargo Plane, and the SAE Mini Baja ATV among other projects.

As a PI and/or Co-PI, Dr. Sharaf-Eldeen has carried out several research projects funded by federal, state, and private corporations, resulting in the authorships of 18 final project reports, 34 refereed publications, and 28 conference presentations, and receiving 500 plus citations in over 100 international Journals and 40 plus books published in over 10 different languages. He is the recipient of the “Best Paper Award” from ASME’s CIE Division, “Distinguished Service Award” from ASEE’s International Division, and the “Tau Beta Pi Outstanding Service Award” among others. He serves as a panelist and reviewer on the NSF-GRFP, USEPA-P3-Q1 Energy Proposals, and NSERC's Discovery Grant applications (Canada).

Personal Overview

• ASME, The American Society of Mechanical Engineers , Member
• AIAA, The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics , Senior Member
• ASEE, The American Society for Engineering Education , Member, served as Program Chair and Division Chair, International Division
• IASTED, The International Association of Science and Technology for Development , International Program Committee (IPC) member, Power and Energy Systems (PES)
• SAE International, Society of Automotive Engineers , serving as Faculty Adviser

• Tau Beta Pi, The Engineering Honor Society , served as Adviser and Chief Adviser
• Pi Tau Sigma, The International Mechanical Engineering Honor Society
• Alpha Epsilon, The Honor Society of Agric., Food, and Biological Engineering
• Golden Key, Golden Key International Honor Society
• Theta Tau, Theta Tau Professional Engineering Fraternity , served as Adviser
• P.E., Registered Professional Engineer


Educational Background

B.Sc. Honors Alexandria University, Alexandria, EGYPT
M.Sc. Alexandria University, Alexandria, EGYPT
Ph.D. Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK
Ph.D. The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH


Recognition & Awards

P.E., Registered Professional Engineer, FL


Current Courses


MAE 2081: Applied Mechanics-Statics
MAE 2082: Applied Mechanics-Dynamics
MAE 3083: Mechanics of Materials
MAE 3091: Theory of Machines
MAE 4190: Design Methodologies
MAE 3191: Engineering Thermodynamics-1
MAE 3192: Engineering Thermodynamics-2
MAE 4630: Modeling of Dynamic Systems
MAE 1025: ME Practicum 1
MAE 2025: ME Practicum 2
MAE 3025: ME Practicum 3
MAE 4193: Mechanical Engineering Design 1
MAE 4194: Mechanical Engineering Design 2
MAE 4300: Independent Study in ME
MAE 5240: Solar Energy Analysis
MAE 5610: Advanced Dynamics
MAE 5630: Modeling of Dynamic Systems
MAE 5900: MAE Graduate Seminar
MAE 5997: Independent Study
BME 5998: Grad Project Biomedical
BME 5999: BME Thesis
MAE 5999: ME Thesis
MAE 6999: ME Dissertation



Professional Experience

Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, FL ,1989-present
Professional Engineer, Structural Composites, Inc. , 1993-present
Consulting Engineer, Stillwater, Oklahoma, 1987-1989
Lecturer and Research Faculty, School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK, 1980-1987
Instructor and Research Associate, Mathematics and Engineering, The Ohio State University, 1975-1979
Lecturer, Engineering, Alexandria University, Alexandria, EGYPT


Additional Duties



Current Research

Response of Occupants in Automobile Collisions
Condition Monitoring and Fault Diagnostics of Rotating Machinery
Impacts of Wind and Solar-PV Energy Systems in Residential and Utility Applications
Thermal Analysis of Air-Cooled Electronic Equipment
Dynamics and Control of Robot Manipulators


Selected Publications



Scholar Google/Citations

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Also published at, and

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