Baloga, Monica

Associate Professor
Academic Affairs

Educational Background

B.S. University of Tennessee at Martin 1987
Ph.D. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 1995

Professional Experience

Dr. Baloga’s dissertation work was in the area of molecular recognition. Her synthetic experience includes aromatic, heterocyclic chemistry, carbohydrate chemistry and peptide chemistry.

She was a Merck postdoctoral fellow at Colorado State University in Fort Collins. At CSU, she gained new experience in molecular biology techniques while working on a peptide phage library project.

Since joining the faculty at Florida Tech, she has been the recipient of several teaching awards, including The Kerry Bruce Clark Award for Excellence in Teaching and the Florida Tech Chapter of Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society Excellence in Teaching Award, both in 2006. She is the faculty advisor to Alpha Phi Omega, a coed service fraternity, and to the American Cancer Society Relay For Life campus organizing committee. She also serves as chairs of the Quality of Life Committee, Academic Program Assessment Committee, and the Administrative and Academic Support Assessment Committee and as the university’s Accreditation Liaison.

Additional Duties

Assistant Vice President, Institutional Compliance

Accreditation Liaison

Current Research

Current Funded Research:

Introducing Research-Inspired Modules in the General Chemistry Lab Curriculum (NSF CCLI DUE-0942180)

General chemistry is a core course taken by most science and engineering freshman students as a requirement for their major.  However, students may generally feel disconnected from this course because they cannot appreciate how chemistry relates to their fields of study.  One way of forming those connections is to use interdisciplinary research-inspried modules in the general chemistry laboratory.  Although the intergration of active research into lab courses is not a new concept, the focus on interdisciplinary research with emphasis on physics, environmental science, and engineering adds distinction to the modules that have been developed with this grant funding.  In particular, the modules highlight current research efforts in the laboratories of Drs. Joes Dwyer (Physics), David Fliming (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering), Virender Sharma (Chemistry), and John Trefry (Marine and Environmental Systems).  Thus, students who might normally be disengaged from their traditional chemistry course may favorably view these projects as interesting and informative.


Some past educational/curricular projects Dr. Baloga has worked on include:

1. The development of a new laboratory curriculum in organic chemistry at Florida Tech to include independent research projects where students choose a 2 to 3 step synthesis from the chemical literature to implement in the lab course. This project is the result of an NSF CCLI-A&I grant (#0126651; PI: Monica Baloga) which funded the purchase of a console upgrade to our existing 60 MHz CW-NMR instrument giving it FT capabilities.
2. The development of PowerPoint presentations for instructional use in the general chemistry laboratories showcasing safety, lab technique, and demonstration of equipment use through photos and video. This is to ensure that a consistent level of instruction is maintained throughout the lab curriculum and to aid the students in visualizing new techniques. Funding for this project was received through an internal grant from the Academic Information Technology Committee at Florida Tech.
3. The creation of enhanced on-line lab manuals for the organic chemistry curriculum. The on-line site (now incorporated in the university’s learning management system ANGEL) describes the theory/background of techniques and reactions, and also contains photos and videos showing how certain procedures are performed. This site also acts as a training center for new graduate student assistants (GSAs) who will be teaching the lab courses. Funding for this project was received through an internal grant from the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence at Florida Tech.

Selected Publications

Kurt Winkelmann, Monica H. Baloga, J. Clayton Baum, Thomas Noviello, and Stephen Brooks, Innovations in nanotechnology and chemistry laboratory courses, Chemical Education Division, American Chemical Society National Meeting, March 25-29 2007, Chicago IL

Monica H. Baloga, Promoting Advanced Preparation in the Chemistry Labs, Florida Tech CTLE and Chemistry Department Seminar; November 17, 2005.

Monica H. Baloga, Using SMART Sympodium Technology in the General Chemistry Lecture, NCSSSMST Conference, St. Louis, MO; March 10-12, 2005

Monica H. Baloga, Using a Natural Products Mini Project to Evaluate Skills Learned in the Organic Chemistry Lab oral presentation at the 55th Southeast Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society; Atlanta, GA; November 18, 2003.

Monica H. Baloga, J. Clayton Baum, NMR Spectroscopy and Changes to the Chemistry Curriculum at Florida Tech; poster presentation at the 55th Southeast Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society; Atlanta, GA; November 18, 2003.