Miller, Glenn

Instructor / Laboratory Coordinator
Biological Sciences

Educational Background

B.S., Marine Science / Biology, University of Alabama, summa cum laude

Ph.D., Marine Sciences, University of South Alabama

Recognition & Awards

Advisor of the Year, 2014, Tri Beta region 1

Advisor of the Year, 2016, Tri Beta region 1

Current Courses

BIO 1010 - Biological Discovery 1

BIO 1020 - Biological Discovery 2

BIO 3410 - General Ecology

BIO 5025 - Ecology of Salt Marshes and Mangroves

BIO 5028 - Design and Analysis of Ecological Studies

Additional Duties

Faculty advisor for Sigma Psi chapter of Tri Beta (Biological Honors Society)

Current Research

Click here for a video about studying Marine Conservation at Florida Tech.

Selected Publications

Cebrian, J. , G. A. Miller, J.P. Stutes, A.L. Stutes, M.E. Miller, K.L. Sheehan. 2009. A comparison of fish populations in shallow coastal lagoons with contrasting shoalgrass (Halodule wrightii) cover in the northcentral Gulf of Mexico. Gulf and Caribbean Research, 21: 57-61.

Richmond, C, N.H. Marcus, C. Sedlacek, G.A. Miller, C. Oppert. 2006. Hypoxia and seasonal temperature: short-term effects and long-term implications for Acartia tonsa dana. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 328: 177-196.

Marcus, N.H., C. Richmond, C. Sedlacek, G.A. Miller, C. Oppert. 2004. Impact of hypoxia on the survival, egg production, and population dynamics of Acartia tonsa Dana. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 301: 111-128.