Gravina, Nicole

Assistant Professor, School of Behavior Analysis
Behavior Analysis, School of


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Personal Overview

Dr. Nicole Gravina is an expert in behavioral science and using behavior-based techniques to create positive change in organizations. Prior to joining the faculty at Florida Institute of Technology, she worked in the applied sector consulting with businesses in a variety of industries helping leaders to improve safety, performance, and engagement. Her research is focused on interventions to improve leadership behaviors, safety, employee performance, and self-management. Nicole has delivered presentations, workshops, and keynote addresses at national and international conferences and published numerous research articles. She earned her PhD from Western Michigan University and completed a research fellowship at Liberty Mutual Safety Research Institute.

Educational Background

2006 - M.A., Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Western Michigan University

2008 - Ph.D., Applied Behavior Analysis, Western Michigan University 

Recognition & Awards

Awarded the competitive Liberty Mutual Safety Research Fellowship in 2006

Current Courses

Introduction to Organizational Behavior Management

Advanced Organizational Behavior Management

Professional Experience

2015-Present, Assistant Professor, Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, FL

2011-2015, Consultant, Novelo Group (owner) and Reaching Results, Chicago, IL and Des Moines, IA

2008-2011, Assistant Professor, Roosevelt University, Chicago, IL

2004-2011, Contract Consultant, Various Projects

2007-2008, Visiting Instructor, Drake University, Des Moines, IA



Additional Duties

2008-Present, Editorial Board, Journal of Organizational Behavior Management

2017 - Ongoing, Editorial Board, Behavior Analysis in Practice

2012-2014, OBM Network President

2010-2012, OBM Network President Elect

2008-2011, MidAmerican Association of Behavior Analysis Board of Directors