White, Ryan

Mathematical Sciences

Educational Background

B.S. Mathematics - Chadron State College, 2008

M.S. Applied Mathematics - Florida Institute of Technology, 2011

Ph.D. Applied Mathematics - Florida Institute of Technology, 2015

Current Courses

MTH 0111 Intermediate Algebra (M 3-3:50)

MTH 1701 College Algebra (M 1-2)

MTH 1702 Applied Calculus (MW 11-12)

MTH 1603 Applied Calculus and Statistics (MW 12-1)

Professional Experience

Graduate Student Assistant, Florida Institute of Technology, 2013-2015

White Associates, R&D LLC, Senior Consultant, 2008-2015

  • Contract work for Neal Analytics and Microsoft, modeling groundwater flow with PDEs, wrote Microsoft cloud-ready Python simulations.

  • Contract work for an investment company, building efficient algorithms, order O(n2) and methodology for real-time static portfolio replication with a transaction fee budget.

  • iOS (iPhone/iPad) app development for calculation of various rare (to iOS) statistical functions via efficient numerical techniques (smart interpolation, Fourier transforms, complex integration) and lightweight data visualization with an original graphing library.

  • Contract work for Spencer Trask Collaborative Innovation, developed scoring, ranking, vote-weighting algorithms and methodology, did statistical analysis of social network patterns to create a dynamic vote-weighting system for crowdsourced venture capital decisions.

Spencer Trask Collaborative Innovations, Intern with VenCorps: Community Powered Capital, Aug 2008 - Nov 2008

Current Research

I am currently researching stochastic processes, particularly random walks and more general independent and stationary increment processes, stochastic measure theory, and venturing into some topics related to Wiener processes.

Selected Publications

  • J. H. Dshalalow and R. White. On Reliability of Stochastic Networks. Neural, Parallel, and Scientific Computations, 21 (2013), 141-160 

  • J. H. Dshalalow and R. White. On Strategic Defense in Stochastic Networks. Stochastic Analysis and Applications, 32:3 (2014), 365-395

  • J. H. Dshalalow and R. White. Time Sensitive Analysis of Independent and Stationary Increment Processes (2016). [Submitted paper]

  • J. H. Dshalalow and R. White. Time Sensitive Analysis of Monotone Multidimensional Random Walks (2016). [Submitted Paper]
  • J. H. Dshalalow, K. Iwezulu, and R. White. Discrete Operational Calculus in Delayed Stochastic Games (2016). [Accepted Paper]

  • R. White. On the Exits of Multidimensional Renewal Processes from d-Dimensional Rectangles (2016). [Manuscript in preparation] 


  • Random Walks on Random Lattices and Their Applications to Strategic Network Defense, Ph.D. Dissertation, Florida Institute of Technology (2015)