Swain, Geoffrey

Professor of Oceanography and Ocean Engineering
Ocean Engineering and Sciences

Personal Overview

2000 - 2005

1995 - 1999

1990 - 1994

1976 - 1989

Educational Background

Ph.D. Southampton University, UK

Professional Experience

Dr. Swain has an educational background in oceanography and marine biology materials engineering. He teaches a wide variety of courses including Marine Corrosion, Protection of Marine Materials, Engineering Materials, Introduction to Ocean Engineering and Application of Marine Materials. He frequently consults fundamentals of offshore engineering with industry, state and federal agencies in the fields of corrosion and biofouling control.

Prior to joining Florida Tech, he worked in the North Sea oil industry conducting corrosion and biofouling surveys on offshore structures. He also has extensive experience with designing and implementing hydrographic and marine resources studies.

Memberships include the Institute of Corrosion Science and Technology, Marine Biological Association U.K., National Association of Corrosion Engineers and the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers.

Selected Publications

Swain, G.W.J., W.G. Nelson and S. Preedeekanit, 1998. The Influence of Biofouling Adhesion and Biotic Disturbance on the Development of Fouling Communities on Non-Toxic Surfaces. Biofouling 12(1-3): 257-269.

Swain, G.W.J. and M.P. Schultz, 1996. The Testing and Evaluation of Nontoxic Anti-fouling Coatings. Biofouling 10: 187-197.

Swain, G.W.J., J. Tabar, F. Miceli, E. Muller, 1995. The Design and Installation of a Cathodic Protection System for a Large Closed System Saltwater Aquarium. Corrosion 95, paper no. 506.

Swain, G.W.J., E. Mulles and D. Polly, 1994. A Cathodic Protection System for the Living Seas, EPCOT Centers. Materials Performance 33(10): 21-27.

Swain, G.W.J., J. Griffith, D. Bultman and H. Vincent, 1992. Barnacle Adhesion Measurements for the Field Evaluation of Candidate Antifouling Surfaces. Biofouling 6: 105-114.

Swain, G.W.J. and E. Muller, 1992. Oxygen Concentration Cells and Corrosion in a Seawater Aquarium. Corrosion 92(394).

Swain, G.W.J. and J. Patrick-Maxwell, 1990. The Effect of Biofouling on the Performance of Al-Zn-Hg Anodes. Corrosion 46(3): 256-260.