Go, Tiauw

Associate Professor
Mechanical Aerospace Engineering

Personal Overview

Tiauw Hiong "Yongki"  Go obtained his Master’s and Doctoral degrees from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), both in Aeronautics and Astronautics in 1994 and 1999, respectively. After finishing his doctoral program, he worked at MIT’s Man-Vehicle Laboratory and Center for Transportation and Logistics as a Postdoctoral Associate and later on as a Research Engineer. His work at MIT includes dynamics and control of aircraft wing rock, spacecraft attitude control using geomagnetic field, simulator motion effects on airline pilot training, and environmental impact of aviation. In December 2005, he joined the School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore as an Assistant Professor. During his tenure there until 2012, he has successfully guided students in various projects involving unmanned  aerial vehicles (UAV), which led to excellence in various international UAV competitions, and secured significant research fund in the area of UAV dynamics and control. Since January 2013, Dr. Go has been an Associate Professor with Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering department, Florida Institute of Technology. His research interest includes unconventional flight dynamics and control, UAV systems, and multiple flight coordination.

Educational Background

B.Eng in Mechanical Engineering, Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), Bandung, Indonesia, 1990

S.M. in Aeronautics & Astronautics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, MA, 1994

Sc.D. in Aeronautics & Astronautics,  Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, MA, 1999

Recognition & Awards

August-Wilhelm Scheer Visiting Professor @ TU Munich, Germany, July-August 2015

Current Courses

MAE 3241 Aerodynamics and Flight Mechanics

MAE 4014 Control Systems

MAE 4242 Aircraft Stability and Control

MAE 4263 Space Flight Mechanics

MAE 5590 Selected Topics in Controls and Guidance

MAE 5802 Multivariable Feedback Control Systems

MAE 5803 Nonlinear Control Systems

Professional Experience

Postdoctoral Associate, Man-Vehicle Lab/Volpe Tranportation Research Center, MIT, Cambridge, MA, 1999-2002

Research Engineer, Center for Transportation and Logistics, MIT, Cambridge, MA, 2002-2005

Assistant Professor, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, 2005-2012

Selected Publications

  1. Feroskhan, M. and Go, T. H., Dynamics of Sideslip Perching Maneuver Under Dynamic Stall Influence, Aerospace Science and Technology, Vol. 50, doi: 10.1016/j.ast.2016.01.005, 2016.
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