Sohn, Mary


Educational Background

B.A. Queens College 1973
M.S. Lehigh University 1978
Ph.D. Lehigh University 1979

Current Courses

Analytical Chemistry and Environmental Chemistry

Professional Experience

Dr. Sohn has served as chair of the Geochemistry Division of the American Chemical Society (1993). She has edited a book on organic marine geochemistry and co-authored a textbook on chemical oceanography. She reviews and edits manuscripts for several professional journals and funding agencies.

Current Research

Current research efforts are focused on the formation of nanoparticles in the environment and the effects of natural organic matter and environmental parameters on the fate of trace substances and nanoparticles in aqueous systems and soils/sediments. Collaborative studies on the organic biogeochemistry of benthic polar ecosystems is also underway.

Selected Publications

"Biogeochemistry of Selenium: A Review" VK Sharma,  TJ McDonald, M Sohn, GAK Anquandah, M Pettine and R Zboril. Environmental Chemistry Letters (2015) 13 (1) 49-58. 

"A Critical Review of Selenium Analysis in Natural Water Samples" M Pettine, TJ McDonald, M Sohn, GAK Anquandah, R Zboril and VK Sharma. Trends in Environmental Analytical Chemistry (2015) 5, 1-7.

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"Environmental Speciation of Arsenic" V.K. Sharma, M. Sohn, M. Pettine and B. Casentini. in Arsenic Sources, Environmental Impact, Toxicity and Human Health - A Medical Geology Perspective. Andrea Masotti (Editor), Nova Publishers, Ny  (2013) pp. 53-68. 

"Interactions of Aqueous Ag+ with Fulvic Acids: Mechanisms of Silver Nanoparticle Formation and Investigation of Stability" N. Adegboyega, V.K. Sharma, K. Siskova, R. Zboril, M. Sohn, B. Schultz, and S. Banerjee. ES&T.  (2013), 47(2), 757-764.

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