PAWS Instructions for Financial Aid

PAWS versus Access Florida Tech

  • PAWS porvides students and employees wtih online access to much of their personal information maintained by Florida Tech.  Access to your PAWS information requires you to logon using your assigned Florida Tech TRACKS ID and the TRACKS password you created.
  • Access Florida Tech is the universities online portal exclusively for Florida Tech students and employees.  It provides convenient access to PAWS and other university web application like calendars and meeting room reservations.


  • Save in your browser or use the Access Florida Tech link on the Florida Tech home page.
  • Login with your TRACKS Username and Password
  • You can see your current Financial Aid information displayed directly on the Student Money tab.
  • Or use the PAWS icon on the Launchpad to access all PAWS information available to you. 


  • Student Money displays PAWS information for your Student Account, your Financial Aid Awards and your Financial Aid Requirements.
  • You will also find hyperlinks that open other selected PAWS pages directly from Access Florida Tech.
  • PAWS displays data in real time -- financial aid updates appear as the staff enters them.
  • PAWS will end your session after 15 minutes with no user activity.
  • Avoid using browser back buttons -- use the menu links that appear on each page.


  • PAWS navigation consists of tabbed windows containing menu hyperlinks. 
  • Tabs include Personal Information and other tabs depending on your relationship with Florida Tech.
  • The Personal Information tab allows you to view and update addresses and email information. 
  • Students also see a Student tab and a Financial Aid tab.
  • Federal Work Study student employees see an Employee tab.


The Financial Aid tab contains menu picks for Financial Aid Status, Eligibility, Awards and Financial Aid Authorization

  • Financial Aid Status summarizes your current financial aid status and links to many of the details. 
  • The Eligibility menu provides status of your financial aid tracking requirements.
    • Completed requirements
    • Outstanding requirements -- the ones that can delay or prevent aid payments to your account.
  • The Award menu lets you
    • See all awards currently in your financial aid package.
    • Accept any awards that are not automatically accepted for you.
    • See the expected date when awards should pay to your student account.
    • View and print a complete history of your fianancial aid awards at Florida Tech.


The Student tab contains menu picks for Admissions, Registration and Student Records.

  • File an application for admission
  • Determine your admission status
  • Register for or change classes
  • Review your grades
  • Track progress towards completing your degree (Degree Evaluation)
  • Request an official transcript

  Payment/Student Account Information

The Payment/Student Account Information web page displays initially on the PAWS landing page.

  • Review the status of your student account
  • make payments on your account

Once you have left the PAWS landing page, you can find Payment/Student Account Information

  • on the Student Tab -- the next to last menu pick 
  • on the Financial Aid Tab -- on the Awards Menu