PAWS Instructions for Financial Aid

PAWS versus Access Florida Tech

  • If you heard a rumor that PAWS is "going away" or that it is "being replaced by Access Florida Tech, neither is true.
  • What is new is that you will now enter PAWS via Access Florida Tech.


  • Save in your browser or use the Access Florida Tech link on the Florida Tech home page.
  • Login using your TRACKS Username and Password and go to the Student Money tab. 


  • Student Money displays PAWS information for your Student Account, your Financial Aid Awards and your Financial Aid Requirements.
  • If you need more information, you will also find useful hyperlinks that open PAWS directly without a separate login.
  • PAWS displays data in real time -- financial aid updates appear as the staff enters them.
  • PAWS will end your session after 15 minutes with no user activity.
  • Avoid using browser back buttons -- use the menu links that appear on each page.


  • PAWS navigation consists of tabbed windows containing menu hyperlinks. 
  • Tabs include Personal Information and other tabs depending on your relationship with Florida Tech.
  • The Personal Information tab allows you to view and update addresses and email information. 
  • Students also see a Student tab and a Financial Aid tab.
  • Federal Work Study student employees see an Employee tab.


The Financial Aid tab contains menu picks for Financial Aid Status, Eligibility, Awards and Financial Aid Authorization

  • Financial Aid Status summarizes your current financial aid status and links to many of the details. 
  • The Eligibility menu provides status of your financial aid tracking requirements.
    • Completed requirements
    • Outstanding requirements -- the ones that can delay or prevent aid payments to your account.
  • The Award menu lets you
    • See all awards currently in your financial aid package.
    • Accept any awards that are not automatically accepted for you.
    • See the expected date when awards should pay to your student account.
    • View and print a complete history of your fianancial aid awards at Florida Tech.


The Student tab contains menu picks for Admissions, Registration and Student Records.

  • File an application for admission
  • Determine your admission status
  • Register for or change classes
  • Review your grades
  • Track progress towards completing your degree (Degree Evaluation)
  • Request an official transcript

  Payment/Student Account Information

The Payment/Student Account Information web page displays initially on the PAWS landing page.

  • Review the status of your student account
  • make payments on your account

Once you have left the PAWS landing page, you can find Payment/Student Account Information

  • on the Student Tab -- the next to last menu pick 
  • on the Financial Aid Tab -- on the Awards Menu