Scholarships and Fellowships

For more information, please contact the Office of Financial Aid, (321) 674-8070 or

Scholarships/Undergraduate Awards

Astronaut Scholarship
Bank of America / Barnett Bank Scholarship
Bank of America / NationsBank / CandS National Bank Scholarship
Barnes and Noble College Bookstores Scholarship
Blume, Francis O. III - ROTC Scholarship
Boeing Engineering Scholarship
Brevard Scholars Program
Brevard Scholarship in Life Sciences
Caribbean Students Association (CSA) Scholarship
CEFRA Scholarship in Civil Engineering
Chi Phi Scholarship
Clark, Dr. Kerry Bruce - Memorial Scholarship
Clausen, Henry Paul - Scholarship
Coca-Cola Scholarship
Colson, Wendell H. - Scholarship
Creech, Don - Memorial Scholarship
Crist, Melissa Lee - Honorary Scholarship (Gift of Thomas E. and Lois R. McNamara)
Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity Scholarship
Dettmer Family Scholarship
Dimond, Jeffrey Allen - Memorial Scholarship
Duncan, Marsha A. - Scholarship
Eason, Susan Galos - Memorial Scholarship
Faculty Scholarship
FITSA Alumni Network Association Scholarship
Flag Officers Leadership ROTC Scholarship
Flammio, Michael - Scholarship
Florida Engineering Society Scholarship
Florida Tech Alumni Association Scholarship (can be first-year graduate student)
Foster, Warren and Evelyn - Scholarship
Frueauff Foundation, Charles A. - Revolving Loan
Gatti, Walter and Dorothea - Scholarship
General Scholarship
Giddings, Chris - Memorial Scholarship
Gleason, W. Lansing and Isabelle - College of Business Academic Award (scholarship)
Harbor City Volunteer Ambulance Squad Scholarship
Hartley, John Thomas and Martha - Scholarship
Henry, Allen S. - Scholarship
Hermansen, Bjornar and Bjorg - Scholarship
Hermansen, Paul Andre - Memorial Scholarship
Hewett, Llewellyn Jr. - Engineering Scholarship
Hughes, Dr. Sam and Mrs. Kate Settle - Scholarship
Hydro Aluminum Corp. College of Engineering Scholarship
Independent Colleges and Universities of Florida (ICUF) Scholarships (see the listing below)
International Aerospace Lightning Conference (IALC) Scholarship
Jenkins, George W. Jr. - Scholarship
Johnston, Wilbur Dean - International Student Scholarship
Kalker Family, Philip and Eloise - Scholarship
Lakshmikantham, Dr. V. - Scholarship in Mathematical Sciences
LaRose, Bryan J. - Memorial Scholarship
Legacy Soccer / Lever Brothers Scholarship
Lettie Pate Whitehead Scholarship
Local 810-Local 875 / Hirsch Memorial Scholarship
Marin, Leo A. - Memorial Scholarship
Mataxis, Shirley J. - Engineering Scholarship for Women Athletes
McNamara, Thomas E. and Lois R. - Scholarship
Mead, Christine Antoinette - Athletic Scholarship
Merit Loan Endowment (loan, not scholarship)
Microsoft Scholars Program
Moore, Herman Kessler M.D. - Scholarship
Morris, Bill - Advanced Flight Scholarship
National Defense Transportation Association (NDTA) / Space Coast Chapter Scholarship
Neese, Christopher Sherman - Memorial Scholarship
Northrop Grumman Scholarship in Engineering Studies
Northrop Grumman / George M. Skurla Engineering Scholarship
NorthStar Capital Management Scholarship
Numerical Control Society Scholarship
Nunn, Dr. Walter M., Jr. - Scholarship for Electrical Engineering students solely in the field of Electromagnetics
Palaniyandi, Ravindran M.D. and Ambika Ravindran - Scholarship (senior undergraduate or graduate award)
Perkins, Capt. Joseph Brayton - Scholarship
Petrosky, Steven - Memorial Scholarship
Phebus Family Scholarship
Potter, Dr. James G. - Scholarship in Physics / Space Sciences
Potter, William and Wendy - College of Business Scholarship
Preece, Marion and Eric - Scholarship
President's Scholars Fund
Revay, Kenneth P. - Class of 1982 Scholarship in Mechanical Engineering
Rhodes, Chadley M. - Memorial Scholarship
Rowe, Dr. Anne P. - Scholarship
Scafati, Michael - Scholarship
Schilling, Robert A. / Paravant Computer Systems - Scholarship
Schroeder, Mark - Scholarship in Meteorology
Sendler, Karl and Ingeborg - Scholarship
Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME) - Undergraduate Scholarship
Software Engineering Scholarship
SunTrust / Reliance Bank / Huntington National Bank Scholarship
SunTrust Scholarship
The Sverdrup - Cape Canaveral Group - Scholarship
Wachovia Corporation / First Union National Bank Scholarship
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. - Scholarship
Webbe, Dr. Frank M. - Psychology Scholarship
Whitehead, Lettie Pate - Scholarship
Wood, Walter D. and Paula LeCler - Scholarship

Independent Colleges and Universities of Florida (ICUF) Scholarships

Awarded in conjuction with sponsoring companies

ICUF 1. Current Teachers' Scholarship
ICUF 2. Degree Completer II
ICUF 3. Ethics in Business Scholarship
ICUF 4. Florida Rock Industries Scholarship
ICUF 5. United Parcel Service (UPS) Scholarship

Fellowships/Graduate Awards

Baker, Dr. Juanita Neal - Psychology Fellowship
Civil Alumni Recruitment Endowment (CARE) (can assist graduate and undergraduate students)
Clayton, David L. and Theresa G. - Fellowship in Marine and Environmental Systems
Deering Fellowship Fund
Healy, Dr. Leonard S. - Graduate Scholarship
Kimley-Horn/Don Beccasio Fellowship in Marine and Environmental Studies
Link Foundation - Ocean Engineering Fellowship
Paulovits, Dr. Imre - Fellowship
Philpot, Dr. Carol L. - Fellowship in Family Psychology
Save Our Bays, Air and Canals/Waterways, Inc. (SODAC) Fellowship
Schram, Major Mathew Earl - ALMC-LEDC / FT Graduate Fellowship
Skelly, Gertrude E. - Fellowship in Marine and Environmental Systems
Snowdon, Edward W. and Lee Hill - Fellowship in Marine and Environmental Studies
Waters, Admiral O.D. - Graduate Fellowship (DMES)