Equipment and Services

  • Proscenium theatre with fly system
  • Audio and video monitors located in lobby and dressing rooms
  • Rear balcony control booth for lighting/audio/video/PC intercom controls
  • Video, PC, and slide projection for presentations and lectures
  • Onstage 25-foot big screen
  • Four floodlight strip units for onstage lighting - each strip unit has nine white/red/blue/amber lights for dramatic color changes and stage wash effects
  • 64 programmable light dimmers for lighting flexibility and professional shows
  • 4000-Watt audio house system for powerful and intelligible sound reinforcement
  • Digital, C- and KU-band satellite reception to house video for live downlinks and videoconferencing

Optional Equipment and Services

  • Spotlight and Operator
  • Mirror Ball
  • Grand Piano
  • Video/Audio Recording
  • Catering
  • Ushers
  • Security Guards
  • Additional Tables and Chairs