General Features

The Gleason Performing Arts Center provides many features attractive for presentations, symposiums, and videoconferences as well as concerts, recitals, and plays:

  • Fully equipped with flexible lighting, sound, and a 1,100 square-foot stage, the 500-seat Gleason Center offers a load-in area, two dressing rooms, a Green Room, and a large lobby/display area with a ticket counter.
  • Gleason Center borders Florida Tech's Botanical Gardens, providing a lovely setting for visiting groups.
  • Receptions and refreshments are available through our on-campus catering office: delicious, well-presented, convenient, and affordable.
  • Adjacent, on-campus parking is free.

"The success of any event depends on the site at which it's held. That's why at Florida Tech's Gleason Performing Arts Center, we go the extra mile to provide you with the personal attention you need to plan and coordinate your event. Your success is our number one priority."

- Manager, Gleason Performing Arts Center