Thesis/Dissertation Registration

The responsibility for determining how many credits are needed to fulfill degree requirements rests with the student and his/her advisor.  Students must have already registered for the minimum number of hours required by their program in order to register for fewer than 3 hours of thesis/dissertation.

ONLY in the semester of graduation may students register for fewer than the minimum three hours of thesis or dissertation. To register for zero (0) hours, students must have been registered for at least 3 hours the preceding semester and MUST HAVE ALREADY SUCCESSFULLY DEFENDED.

The required number of registration hours is determined by the date on which the minimum five copies of the thesis/dissertation are accepted in the Office of the Graduate Programs according to the following schedule .

  Fall 2013
Spring  2014 Summer 2014
0 hr September 13, 2013  January 31, 2014  May 23, 2014
1 hr October 11, 2013  February 28, 2014 June 13, 2014
2 hrs
November 8, 2013
March 28, 2014 July 7, 2014
3 hrs December 9, 2013 April 28, 2014  July 21, 2014

For further information concerning the above requirements, see Graduate Policy 4.10

Procedure for Registering for fewer than three (3) hours:

  1. Submit a Petition to Graduate to the Registrar's Office.  This petition requires academic department signatures and a current program plan.
  2. Complete a Registration Form (with advisor signature).  Present the Registration Form (in person) to the Office of Graduate Programs (OGP) for verification and approval.
  3. Submit the OGP-approved Registration Form to the Registrar's Office to complete the registration process. 

        Please note that the above 3 steps require the submission of hard-copy documents with original signatures. This process cannot be completed electronically.