Vaccine Information

Influenza is an acute respiratory infection that closely resembles other infections, such as the Common Cold. However, the presence of fever and cough - along with an exposure to individuals that have recently traveled - puts you at higher risk.

Your risk is increased if you meet the following conditions:

  1. If you have been exposed to an individual diagnosed with influenza or have traveled in the past 10 days
  2. and...
    • Develop a fever greater than 100.4 (38.3)
  3. and...
    • Develop a cough or difficulty breathing

If you suspect this infection, please follow these procedures:

  • Call the Health Center at extension 8078 and inform them of your symptoms.
  • Do not go to school or public places until a medical professional evaluates you.
  • If it is in the evening and the health center is closed:
    • If you are not very sick, isolate yourself from others and call the Health Center Clinic (x8078)  in the morning.
    • If you become very sick quickly, go to the nearest Emergency Room, Holmes Regional Medical Center. When you arrive inform them of your suspicions so they may take the necessary precautions.
    • Evenings or weekends you may call Omni Urgent Care at 723-9411. Tell the answering service that you are a Florida Tech student and a patient of OMNI Healthcare, ask to speak to the doctor on call.  They will return your call and offer medical advice. You may go to a Local Urgent Care Center if your symptoms are not life-threatening.

If you would like more information on influenza, visit the CDC website.

Vaccine Information

Seasonal Flu Vaccine is available at the Brevard County Health Department, 321-637-7300, and at the Holzer Student Health Center.  Most insurances cover the cost of the flu shot completely, if paying by cash - TBA.

Prevent the Flu! Stay Healthy this Season!  Come to the Student Health Center Monday – Thursday 8am to 8pm or Friday from 8 to 5  from October to March and get your annual Flu Shot!

 Influenza is a highly contagious, airborne respiratory transmitted infection which puts individuals living in dormitory environment at risk. Influenza also can be transmitted through an environmental-surface intermediate, as when an infected individual sheds the virus onto a surface and an uninfected, susceptible host later contacts the same surface and then self-inoculates the virus into his or her mucous membranes.

 Symptoms are severe and typically last 7 - 10 days – A Long Time to Miss Classes!

Cost: TBA, cash or check, or if you have Private Insurance we can submit the charge to them! Students, Staff, Faculty and family members over age 10 are eligible. If you are staff or faculty and have Florida Tech Blue Cross Blue Shield ICUBA please contact the health center for vaccine availability. We will charge your insurance, no copay required.