Vaccine Information

Influenza is an acute respiratory infection that closely resembles other infections, such as the Common Cold. However, the presence of fever and cough - along with an exposure to individuals that have recently traveled - puts you at higher risk.

Your risk is increased if you meet the following conditions:

  1. If you have been exposed to an individual diagnosed with influenza or have traveled in the past 10 days
  2. and...
    • Develop a fever greater than 100.4 (38.3)
  3. and...
    • Develop a cough or difficulty breathing

If you suspect this infection, please follow these procedures:

  • Call the Health Center at extension 8078 and inform them of your symptoms.
  • Do not go to school or public places until a medical professional evaluates you.
  • If it is in the evening and the health center is closed:
    • If you are not very sick, isolate yourself from others and call the Health Center Clinic (x8078)  in the morning.
    • If you become very sick quickly, go to the nearest Emergency Room, Holmes Regional Medical Center. When you arrive inform them of your suspicions so they may take the necessary precautions.
    • Evenings or weekends you may go to a Local Urgent Care Center if your symptoms are not life-threatening.

If you would like more information on influenza, visit the CDC website.

Vaccine Information

Seasonal Flu Vaccine is available at the Brevard County Health Department, 321-637-7300, and at the Holzer Health Center.  Most insurances cover the cost of the flu shot completely.

Prevent the Flu! Stay Healthy this Season!  Come to the Student Health Center Monday – Thursday 8am to 8pm or Friday from 8 to 5  from October to March and get your annual Flu Shot!

 Influenza is a highly contagious, airborne respiratory transmitted infection which puts individuals living in dormitory environment at risk. Influenza also can be transmitted through an environmental-surface intermediate, as when an infected individual sheds the virus onto a surface and an uninfected, susceptible host later contacts the same surface and then self-inoculates the virus into his or her mucous membranes.

 Symptoms are severe and typically last 7 - 10 days – A Long Time to Miss Classes!