Medical Services

  • Chiropractic Care -  Dr. Brad Nelson on site Tuesday afternoons - Call for more information. Avalilable for all Students,Staff and Faculty

  • Dietician appointments available for Florida Tech Students, appointments necessary, $20.00 deposit required, refunded when presenting for appointment

  • Psychiatric appointments available on site Tuesdays with Dr. Daniel Stump 

  • Self Care Center - Free acetetominophen (tylenol), diphenhydramine (benadryl), generic immodium, pepto-bismol, antacid, antibiotic ointment,  and hydrocortisone ointment. See our site for more information.

  • Many common prescription medications are available directly from the health center for a charge. We accept cash, check or can charge to your student account

  • See our list of Over the Counter medications that are available for purchase without a  medical visit. Most of these are significantly lower than local retail prices and your purchase supports the Self Care Free Pharmacy and Health and Wellness Programming! Delivery to your FIT Box can be arranged.  Call or email for more information.

  • Allergy injections (administration fee charged to your insurance) when serum is provided (please call ahead to notify staff you are coming for your injections). Remember to pick up your remaining serum before leaving school at the end of the semester!

  • Free Book library - topics include college life, adjustment, financing, diet, health and wellness, and novels for relaxing! 

  • Free condoms available in the lobby

  • Sexually Transmitted infection testing, charges vary. Please come in for a private consultation with Deborah or Brittany, Nurse Practitioners

  • Flu Shots are available every Fall Semester, usually beginning in October. Price varies. Florida Tech students are especially prone to influenza due to its high international population and travel rate - PROTECT YOURSELF - GET AN ANNUAL FLU SHOT!

  • HPV Vaccine Free for female students to age 26 and males to age 21 with Health Insurance

  • Some vaccinations are available for an additional charge or charged to your insurance (MMR, Influenza, Tetanus, TDAP, Hepatitis B and Meningitis)

  • Quantiferon Gold (Testing for Tuberculosis)

  • Health promotion and disease prevention stressed during visits

  • Counseling for tobacco cessation, weight loss, and fitness programs

  • Physical Exams


Considering weight loss but can’t get motivated?

Want to quit smoking but need some help and encouragement?

Have you been thinking about eating better but keep making the wrong choices?

Haven’t gotten around to checking your cholesterol, blood pressure or having a Physical Exam?

The Health Center would like to help you meet your Wellness Goals! Please come in to speak with the Nurse Practitioner.

Staff and Faculty with BCBS are eligible for these services. Your copay will be collected and insurace will be billed.

University Experience Students - Campus Event Credits available!

A number of wellness appointments are available for a personalized discussion on the following:

1)      Meet with a Nurse Practitioner at the SHC for a confidential health/wellness counseling session. We will discuss your wellness and personal safety habits, sexual health, or topics of your choice

2)      Meet with the chiropractor at the SHC to discuss body mechanics, proper lifting, improving your posture and personal work station to avoid muscular pain.

3)      Meet with the dietician at the Student Health Center (SHC) to discuss healthy nutrition, eating on campus, tips to avoid freshman 15*

Call 321-674-8078 for an appointment with the Nurse Practitioners or Chiropractor, dietician appointments are to be made in person. Please inform the receptionist that you would like University Experience Campus Event Credit. This will provide you with a credit in the "Wellness" Category.

*Because there are limitied dietician appointments we are requesting a $20.00 deposit to hold your appointment, which will be returned to you when you arrive. Cancellations up to 24 hours before their appointment are eligible for the deposit to be returned.