403(b) Retirement Plan & Information

You can change your 403(b) contribution any time of the year. You can complete a salary reduction form and submit the completed form to the Office of Human Resources.  Please note that the maximum annual employee contribution is as follows:

  • Under age 50                                                                    $18,000
  • At least age 50+                                                                $24,000

Lincoln Customer Service #1-800-234-3500

Lincoln Website                 https://www.lfg.com

TIAA-Cref Customer Service #1-800-842-2252

TIAA-Cref Website              https://www.tiaa-cref.org/public/index.html

Lincoln Financial Documents

Lincoln Financial Presentations

Put your future first

Discusses the importance of making retirement planning a priority.
 Spanish version 

Wake up and smell the coffee

Illustrates the potential impact of saving $10 more a week in a retirement plan. 
Spanish version

Saving gives wings to your work

Illustrates the impact that waiting just one year to join a retirement plan can have on their retirement account balance. 

Be an early bird

Illustrates the long-term impact of compound interest by comparing two individuals who start contributing 10 years apart. 

How to lower current taxes

Compares a pretax paycheck to an after-tax paycheck to help illustrate the importance of participating in an employer-sponsored retirement plan. 

Dealing with market declines

Illustrates the history of market declines and encourages participants to stay invested for income and reallocate as needed.  

Different is good (asset allocation)

Understanding the importance of asset allocation. Compares the annual returns of diversified accounts to stock- or bond-only portfolios. 

A fine balance

The importance of rebalancing. Compares the risk and return of portfolios that have been rebalanced to portfolios that have not been. 

Where do you want to go?

Understand your distribution options and the pros and cons of each. 

You can fly (increase participation)

Covers basics of investing such as tax deferral, asset allocation, and the characteristics of stocks, bonds, and money market funds. 

It's the little things (increase contributions)

Illustrates the importance increasing contributions can have on your financial future.

Forget something?

Illustrates the advantages of asset consolidation.

Why women should save for retirement

Discusses financial risks specific to women, especially in retirement, and shows how women have proven to be generally better investors than men.

Social Security express

Provides an overview of Social Security and its projected shortfall in the near future. 

How you respond can create you next opportunity - market volatility

Discusses the history of market volatility and the importance of staying invested for the long-term.   

TIAA-CREF Documents


What Sets TIAA-CREF Apart?

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TIAA-CREF Presentations

Income Options 

Discusses your retirement income options.


Discusses the design of lifecycle funds.

Life Annuity Overview

 Discusses basic information on what a life annuity is, how it works and some of the options that are available if you choose to take a life annuity distribution.

Staying on Track in a Volatile Market

 Discusses how current events may affect how we see the economy, strategies for volatility as well as allocating and diversifying your portfolio

5 Habits of Highly Successful Investors

 Provides a fundamental  knowledge of investing

Paycheck Calculator

The paycheck comparison calculator can assist you in determining the amount to contribute to your 403(b) retirement account, the amount you may have in your account in 20 years and how your contribution affects your take-home pay, your tax savings and much more.

Retirement Planning Tool

Are you on track for retirement?  Find out how much you need to save or how close you are to reaching your retirement income goal.

Social Security Calculator

The below presentations are designed to provide additional information to assist in understanding multiple aspects of saving for retirement.  As you scroll down the page you will find presentations submitted by our 403(b) vendors (Lincoln and TIAA-CREF).
To view a presentation in a separate tab place your cursor over the presentation name, right click your mouse and select "Open in new tab".  You may also choose "Open in a new window". 

Planning Ahead Series

Understanding your 403(b) plan

Understanding the Roth feature of your 403(b) plan

Understanding Loans