Frequently Asked Questions

Top When will my benefits go into effect?

Benefits are effective the first day of the month after date of hire.

Top What is tuition remission?

The tuition Remission is available after 90 days of employment. It's 100% free tuition for the employee (maximum of six credits per semester) and 90% for a spouse or dependent child when enrolled in a degree seeking program.

Top Can tuition remission be applied to tuition at other institutions?

No, this benefit is only available for students enrolled at Florida Tech.

Top How long do I have to wait before I get vacation time?

You will start accruing vacation time from your date of hire, but the leave is not available for use until after one month of service.

Top When can I submit a Health Care Spending Account reimbursement claim and how much of my annual contribution can I claim?

Health Care Spending Account (HCSA) claims can be submitted any time.  Any portion of your annual total contribution can be claimed as long as you submit proof of services rendered. There is no need to restrict your claim to only the amount you have contributed to date.

Top What do I need to do to post a vacant position?

A Position Request form needs to be completed with the appropriate signatures. The position is posted for a minimum of five days.