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Florida Tech is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer committed to excellence through diversity. As a university we are committed to this statement and endeavor to make the hiring of student employees as transparent and fair as possible.

There are four types of employment for students on campus; College Roll, Federal Work-Study, Florida Work Experience Program and Graduate Student Assistantships. We recommend that our faculty and staff become as familiar as possible with the different policies governing student employment across campus. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.

For more information on the different aspects of Student Employment, please click a link. (each link will link out the appropriate page outlined below.

College Roll

Federal Work Study

Florida Work-Experience Program

International Students


Many departments like to offer students the opportunity to volunteer in labs and offices to help students gain valuable experience. As a university we support this activity but it is imperative that we be able to keep track of our volunteering students.

In order for a student to volunteer, the department must have the student complete a Guest/Volunteer Role Form and submit it to Human Resources. Students must be aware that the hours they are working are volunteer hours and they will not be compensated for them. Once the form is submitted student can begin volunteering in the department.

If a paid position does become available where a student is volunteering they are eligible to be hired but must apply for the position just like other students on campus. If the volunteering student is hired, hours that they worked before their official hire date are considered volunteer hours and they will not be paid until their first official day of work.