Internationalizing the Campus Committee

As a result of a recommendation made during the President’s Retreat of 2009, Executive Vice President McCay  formed an Internationalizing the Campus Task Force. As a result, ICC (Internationalizing the Campus Committee) was formed in 2009. The current committee (2015-2016)  is made up of:


Mary Beth Kenkel, PhD, CoPLA, Chairperson

Randy Alford, PhD, International Academic Programs

Monica Baloga, VP, Insitutional Effectiveness and International Programs

Judith Brooke, ISSS/Enrollment Management

Stephanie Enstice, Associate Director of International Admission

Ali Faisal, Development

William Jurgens, Director of Athletics

Tom Marcinkowski, PhD, Education and Interdisplinary Studies

Joni Oglesby, VP, Support Services

Enrique Perez, PhD, CoB

Hamid Rassoul, PhD, CoS

Muzzaffar Shaikh, PhD, CoE

Youngju Sohn, AAssociate Professor, Arts and Communication

Wes Sumner, University Communication

R. Tolga Turgut, Associate Profressor, CoA

Sohair Wastawy, Dean, Library

Viviana Iduate, Committee Admin Assistant