Information for Inventors

The Office of Intellectual Property assists Florida Tech inventors by protecting their technology and marketing the technology for licensing.  

Disclosure Form

The first step in the technology transfer process is to file a disclosure.  For a PDF of the form, click here.  For a Word document, click here.


Click here for the Florida Tech Policy on Patents and Copyrights for Faculty.

Click here for the Florida Tech Intellectual Property Policy for Students.

Patent Committee

The Florida Tech Patent Committee will determine whether and to what extent the university has an interest in the discovery or invention.  Members of the Patent Committee include:

Frank L. Kinney, Chair of the Committee, Vice President, Research

Hamid Rassoul, Dean of College of Science Professor

Chelakara Subramanian, Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

John Trefry, Professor, Marine and Environmental Studies

Adrian Peter, Associate Professor, Engineering Systems

T. Dwayne McCay, Executive Vice President/COO