J-1 Exchange Visitor Program

The J-1 Exchange Visitor Program was created in 1961 as part of the Fulbright-Hayes Act, a public law written to "increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of the other countries through educational and cultural exchanges." The U.S. Department of State has authority over the J-1 program. Currently, Florida Tech has 5 categories of J-1 visitors. The purpose and length of the scholar's visit at Florida Tech will determine the appropriate category (See also J-1 Categories at Florida Tech).

J-1 Program Information

In the links below, you will find important information about the J-1 program at Florida Tech.

For Scholars For Florida Tech Departments
Prospective Researchers and Scholars Purpose of the Exchange Visitor Program
Applying for a Visa and Payment of the SEVIS Fee Hosting an Exchange Visitor
Understanding SEVIS J-1 Eligibility
Entering the U.S.—What to Expect Transfer Eligibility Form (PDF)
J-1 Responsibilities  (PDF) J-1 Process Overview (PDF)
J-1 Pre-Arrival Procedural Checklist DS-2019 Request Instructions
Arrival Checklist
Required Funding Documentation
Inviting Family to Join or Visit You Department Responsibilities
Family Matters J-1 Exchange Visitor Categories at Florida Tech
Maintaining Legal Status in the U.S.  
Address Notification Requirement  
24-month Bar on repeat Visits  
2-year Home Residency Requirement  
Health Insurance Requirements  
Travel and Re-entry to the U.S.  
Off-Campus Employment/Payment Authorization  
Taxes in the U.S.  
Extending J-1 in the U.S.  
Transferring Your Program  
Changing Your Immigration Status
Return Visits as a Scholar  
J-2 FAQs  
Understanding Your Visa  
J-2 Employment  
J-1 Student Hardship Employment Permission