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Welcome to FIT Lakehurst

Since 1972, Florida Institute of Technology has been offering quality degree programs at Off-Site locations to members of the military, government and civilians. From astronauts, to four star generals, to CEO’s, Florida Tech’s 17,000 alumni from our Off-Site programs have become a vital part of our country’s diverse composition.

Master's in Acquisition and Contract Management
Developed for working professionals, this degree is designed for students to gain a complete understanding of the contract life cycle and its stages.

Master's in Business Administration (MBA)
Hands-on experience plays a huge role in Florida Tech's MBA program. Coursework involves researching solutions, solving complex problems and applying critical thinking in areas such as business proposals, marketing plans and financial reports.

Master's in Logistics Management
Seamlessly moving materials in a complex and global economy requires trained logisticians. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics job growth for logisticians is expected to increase by 25% by 2020.

Master's in Management
Wherever you work today, a rapidly changing business and economic environment requires organizations to attract and retain the most highly skilled management professionals.

Oscar J. Patino

“I live a lifelong strategy of continued education... and plan on obtaining another master's from Florida Tech in operations research. Professionally I've worked as a pilot with FedEx Express in their flight operations division and as a pilot in the U.S. Navy has given me the opportunity to fly a wide range of aircraft. My intense desire and lifelong goal to gain employment at NASA as a pilot with JSC flight operations. There are only a handful of schools that offer the space systems program and I'm happy to say this degree and all I've learned will help me improve my standing among the NASA applicants.”