User Guides

Web Services provides the campus with a number of Web systems that you and your team can utilize to help manage your online presence. To ease the process for you, we have provided you with user guides to each.

All new users can familiarize themselves quickly and easily. Don't forget—you can always come back and reference these guides if you get stuck. If, after reviewing the guides, you still need assistance, please feel free to submit an online request.

  • WCMS

    User Guide

    WCMS User Guide

    • Web Content Management System
    • Create/Manage Your Web Pages
    • Intuitive Toolset
    • Enhance Your Web Presence
  • Faculty Profile

    User Guide

    Faculty Profile User Guide

    • Create/Manage Your Profile
    • Dynamically Updates Contact Information
    • Display Your Research, Publications and more
    • Share Your Website and Social Media
  • Newsroom

    User Guide

    Newsroom User Guide

    • Manage News on Your Website
    • Dynamically Pull News based on Keywords and Departments on Your Website
    • Articles are Easily Shared on Social Networks
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