Identity Elements

 Logo Use

Any use of a university logo must comply with the Visual Identity. Official university logos can be downloaded at

Note: All university templates contain the university signature to comply with branding requirements; duplicate use of the logo is not needed.

Web Color Palette

The official Florida Tech Web colors use the same primary color palette as print materials with the addition of support colors. While the palette allows for flexibility and variety, specific colors should be used for certain page elements on Web pages.

Florida Tech Primary Web Colors

Crimson | #660000 Black | #000000 Grey | #CCCCCC Gold | #FFCC00

Need to convert the Web colors to RGB? Use

Support Colors

Support colors should not be used as major design elements, but rather as an accent or highlight. They can be used for navigation links, rules and lines, table headings or as a background color for a small block or element of the page. Support colors should not be used as a main page background.

Light Grey | #EFEFEF Dark Grey | #333333 Beige | #EFEFE3 Alt. Gold | #ae9e5f

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The following standards must be used for all official university sites, but are optional for all other projects.


Florida Tech uses a combination of “Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif” and “Georgia, Times New Roman, serif” typefaces throughout official university sites.

Body text

Main body text must use the Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif. White text is used for dark backgrounds, and black text is used on light backgrounds for maximum contrast. Type should be the equivalent of 12 pixels.


H2, H3, H4, H5 and H6 headings use a Georgia, Times New Roman, serif typeface. Below are examples of headings used in the University Template:

Heading 2 (H1)

Heading 3 (H1)

Heading 4 (H1)

Heading 5 (H1)
Heading 6 (H1)

Page Headings

Page headings use the H2 style, but have a class=“main” applied. The result is white text with a black background that appears at the top of the page. See example below.

 Page Heading

Content links

Links in the content area of any website should use crimson: #660000. The hover state changes the color of the link to #990000.

Navigation links

Links appearing in designated navigation areas of the page do not need to be underlined, though they should be set apart from body or other content text by color, font weight or other styling. Official university site navigation links must be dark grey #333333 and a hover state that is crimson (#660000) with underline.

Navigation Example