Electronic Standards Overview

Why Standards are Important

Web standards help you amplify the impact of your message and how Florida Institute of Technology is portrayed online. Adoption of standards also improves the user experience, accessibility and maintenance efficiency and performance. Your communications will be more effective, and you’ll save both time and resources. Web standards for the university are based upon the needs of the wide range of university colleges, departments and units.

It is critical that Florida Tech websites meet the highest standards in terms of content, ease of use and accessibility. Standards offer a variety of potential benefits for Florida Tech content managers:

  • Sites can be built faster
  • Users will experience consistent design and functionality, improving accessibility and ease of use
  • More focus and time can be dedicated to content development
  • Florida Tech’s very powerful and visible brand will be used to its fullest potential

 Goals of University Web Standards

  1. To provide clear and informative regulations regarding Web Standards and Accessibility Standards set by the W3C, the United States Federal Government and the State of Florida.
  2. To maintain clear and consistent branding.
  3. To provide guidelines to the university community that will ensure that websites representing Florida Institute of Technology do so consistently and reflect the mission and goals of the university.
  4. To improve usability throughout the Florida Tech website.

It is the responsibility of the individual(s) charged with maintenance of university websites (departments, units or individuals) to maintain and comply with Florida Institute of Technology’s University Web Standards.