Official University Template Overview

Why Use Templates?

Florida Tech’s website templates gives content managers across the university an easy way to build pages that have the look and feel of the Florida Tech website. The templates also give content mangers a solid foundation for building websites that are Web-standards compliant, accessible to people with disabilities and compliant with the university’s visual identity standards.


The goal of the Official University Template is to provide clear and consistent branding throughout Florida Tech’s website. In addition to branding, the template addresses the usability needs of users to easily navigate through the university’s site, through consistent and easily accessible navigation structures.

Template Overview

Header: Contains Florida Institute of Technologies signature, which links back to The university’s search and specific links are located in top right.

University Navigation: Always located just below the header, the navigation provides access to important areas of the Florida Tech site. This reflects the same navigation that is available on the homepage.

Quicklinks: Provides quick access to many areas of the university’s site.

Site Navigation: Though the content in this area is specific to the site, the functionality and style is restricted by the template.

Contact Information: Displays the directory information for the department, office or unit who is responsible for the content of the specific site.

Site Header: Displays imagery and a title associated with the site. Site headers are only displayed on section homepages.

Content Area: Customizable area for specific content.

Sidebar: Allows for better organization of content.

Footer: Contains audience links, reflects the university navigation, and includes the copyright statement and links where users can provide feedback about specific sites.

What can be customized on the template?

In order to maintain consistency and meet accessibility goals, much of the template cannot be customized. However, the content area allows for customization to meet the needs of the department, office or unit. Customizations are still expected to use the university’s color palette and typography standards, unless alternatives have been approved by Web Services. Content managers can work with Web Services to develop customizations to meet their needs. Contact Web Services for more information.