Web Content Management System (WCMS)

What is the WCMS?

WCMS stands for Web-based Content Management System. It is the official content management system for use by authorized university staff in managing the content on all official university websites.

It was designed specifically for use on Florida Tech websites. This system is intended to service websites that reside on the Florida Tech domain, which utilize the university-standard template. Under certain circumstances, the WCMS may be used on other websites on the Florida Tech domain as well.

Wikipedia defines a content management system as, “a computer software used to create, edit, manage and publish content in a consistently organized fashion.” The WCMS strives to accomplish these goals in a way that is easy and intuitive. The toolset allows editors to focus more on content than on design, which enhances the quality of Web pages and preserves consistency throughout the university’s website.

Who is responsible for it?

The system was developed and is maintained and supported by University Web Services.

Why do we need a Content Management System?

Florida Tech has a very large website (well, many websites) that each have their own very unique set of requirements. Most off-the-shelf products fail to provide the flexibility the university needs to expand and enhance its presence on the Web effectively. Others simply lack the usability that our editors need to get the job done.

Since the WCMS was custom-built, we were able to focus on both usability and flexibility issues. As a result, the WCMS is much easier to use than most content management systems, which means that less time will be spent learning how to use it and more time will be spent on what’s important: the website’s content.

How can I get access to this system?

The WCMS may only be used for the management of content in official university websites that have been designed, implemented, hosted and supported by University Web Services.

  • All users must be authorized by an official university department to act as a content manager for official university websites.
  • Training is required prior to account activation in the WCMS.
  • All users must have a valid TRACKS account to use the system.

Requests for access and training can be made through our convenient online form located at https://webaccess.fit.edu/marketingcomm/requests/