Athletic Logos

The Primary Logo

The fierce Panther logo was developed to give Panther Athletics a modern, dynamic look. This logo may be used for:

  • Uniforms
  • All printed publications including program guides and schedule cards
  • Banners and signs
  • Athletics website

This Panther may also be used by the Bookstore for licensed merchandise including T-shirts, hats and other approved items.

It may not be used by other offices, departments or groups unrelated to Athletics.

Color Samples

Depending on the application or for cost savings, the logo can appear in two colors Black, PMS 202 Crimson or in one color, Black.

The Secondary Logo

(Revised August 2011) The secondary Athletics logo is the FIT letterform. This logo is used as an accent logo (on uniforms, for example). It should not be used as a primary identifier for Athletics, unless the words Florida Tech also appear on the item.

The FIT letterform is limited to use by Athletics and, unlike the primary Athletics logo, may not be used for general merchandise.

FIT Athletic Logo

Primary color break: The logo appears in two colors PMS 202 Crimson and PMS 424 Grey.

Alternative color breaks: Alternative combinations of approved colors (Black, PMS 202 Crimson, PMS 424 Grey, White) may be used depending on the fabric color.